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So many people are bloviating about politics these days on cable television, the radio and on the internet that Americans tend to pay attention only to viewpoints they agree with or they tune out completely. To make things even worse, the American higher-education system is turning out political dunces who don’t know what every eight-grader in public school knew 50 years ago. But now, however, our presidential candidates all agree things are really bad. That must mean they really are.

To attract attention, professional and amateur political commentators increasingly have resorted to extreme language. The left has accused the right of sins the Nazis and the fascists became famous for. The right has accused the left of totalitarian tendencies communists are known for. So when either side makes an extreme accusation, even when they’re true, they often get lost in the background noise.

The ongoing presidential campaigns, however, appear to be rising above the clammer of the crowed. Republicans and Democrats are telling us that the fate of the nation rests on the outcome of the November election. Little is new in this except for the fact that it appears truer now than any time since the Civil War. Although Democrats have been running the Federal government for the past seven plus years, they want us to believe that every ill that’s befallen the country is the fault of Republicans. Republicans tell us that President Obama set out to transform America, he’s almost done it, all we need is another Democrat in the White House to complete what he began. America will be done for. Don’t get me started on climate change.

Listening to the respective presidential debates this year should be eye opening. Bernie Sanders and Hillary outdid Republicans at Thursday evenings debate, portraying the United States in the direst terms. Sanders says, “Almost everyone is getting poorer.” “Ordinary Americans are worried to death about the future of their kids.” “There is massive despair all over this country.” “Seniors are cutting their pills in half…don’t have decent nutrition…can’t heat their homes in the wintertime.” “A rigged economic system and a corrupt political system have created a moment of serious crises.”

Clinton repeatedly agreed with Sanders that too many Americans are getting left behind. “‘Yes, the economy is rigged in favor of those at the top.” Her main critique of the Sanders critique was that it lacked identity-politics specificity, that it didn’t recognize the unique challenges of “really systemic racism” against blacks, of “hardworking immigrant families living in fear,” of women’s rights that are “under tremendous attack,” of “discrimination against the LGBT community,” even of the struggles in coal country and other downtrodden white communities “where we are seeing an increase in alcoholism, addiction, earlier deaths.’”

So how bad is it, really? Like everything else in life, that much depends on your perspective. Not everyone in America is suffering; and Americans have faced extreme adversity in the past (The Civil War, WWII, The Great Depression) and rebounded. What’s so bad this time is that the America most of us knew and loved growing up already has disappeared and likely is unrecoverable. Demographic diversity, pervasive technological change, political correctness and a culture of victimization have overtaken traditional American values and replaced them with values we do not yet fully understand.

Certainly, change frequently is a good thing. America was better after the Civil war when slavery was abolished. It’s taking 150 years and more to adapt to that change, but still we’re better off. The world is better off since World War II, and the US economy blossomed tremendously after the Great Depression. These changes have led us to believe that no matter what befalls America we will always bounce back better and stronger. What scares us now is that it looks more and more as if this time we won’t.

This election is a seminal one. There is a huge difference between Republicans and Democrats. Your country and your life will change for better or worse. It’s time to get out your bullshit detector and vote. Remember, we get the government we deserve.


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President Obama’s Teflon presidency has been attributable to the mainstream media’s propensity to devote little time to his misstatements and mistakes, the President’s remarkable oratory skills, and his willingness to willfully deceive Americans if it serves the “greater good.” He’s been a superhero-like figure, loved and hated, seemingly immune from slings and arrows of his enemies. All that’s changing, but if Republicans want to exploit this opportunity, they have to do more than throw rocks.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) began as poorly crafted legislation that became a train wreck then turned into a national disaster that will take many years to recover from. Here’s what we should have done and still can do. (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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The testimony this week of three senior State Department officials before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee could provide information that will blow the Benghazi scandal wide open, or will it be a dud?   As reported by Fox News, appearing before the committee will be three career State Department officials: Gregory N. Hicks, the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya at the time of the Benghazi terrorist attacks; Mark I. Thompson, a former Marine and now the deputy coordinator for Operations in the State Department’s Counterterrorism Bureau; and Eric Nordstrom, a diplomatic security officer who was the regional security officer in Libya, the top security officer in the country in the months leading up to the attacks.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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President Barack Obama has been adept at deflecting Republicans’ continuing questions about the 9/11/12 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. Still, the story won’t go away because the explanations he and his administration have provided don’t add up, and a strong odor of cover up lingers in the air. It’s been five months since the Benghazi attack. Even if we accept the Obama administrations explanations for what happened before, during and after the attack, we still don’t know full story. What difference does it make, at this point, whether or not we know the full story? It makes a difference whenever the President of the United States attempts to deceive the American people.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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During the George W. Bush administration, Democrats and anti-war groups derided enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs) and the detention facility at Guantanamo as inconsistent with American values and a recruiting tool for al-Qai’da. Far fewer of those critics decry the Obama administration’s killing of al-Qai’da terrorists, including American citizens, with drone strikes, despite the collateral damage that is far more detrimental to winning friends in the Islamic world.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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Much remains that the Obama administration still hasn’t told us about the terrorist attack on 9/11/12 in Benghazi, Libya. All the facts about last week’s attack on an oil refinery at In Amenis, Algeria have yet to come out. One thing is certain; Al Qaeda is back with a vengeance. Killing them by the thousands hasn’t prevented their proliferation. Perhaps, if the Obama administration hadn’t dismantled the CIA’s detainee and interrogation efforts, we wouldn’t be quite so vulnerable.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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It’s difficult to write about the gun-control debate without angering one side or the other. This column likely will anger both. The horrific shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, have sparked what is shaping up as another intense and bitter battle over gun control. Like the battle over abortion, little common ground exists between the two sides, and compromise is unlikely if not impossible. That’s a shame, because I believe we could dramatically reduce mass shootings in the United States if we focused more on keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill rather than law-abiding citizens.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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Tuesday’s second presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, was a bare knuckles brawl. Most pundits say President Barack Obama scored more debating points; American voters, however, do not score these debates by any fixed set of rules. They react to them during and afterward with their individual hearts, minds, and guts; and when the votes are tallied on Election Day, Barack Obama will prove the big loser. (Read my full column at EWRoss.com)


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Government scandals are nothing new; they have plagued every presidential administration in American history, and they will continue to do so. What’s disturbing about the current General Services Administration (GSA) and Secret Service scandals is what they tell us about the changing character of U.S. government employees involved in them. (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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The American generals that now command and have commanded U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan are among the best warfighters in U.S. history. The U.S. troops under their command are the most skilled, battle-hardened warriors America has ever put in the field. So what went wrong in Afghanistan that’s making victory so elusive if not impossible?

The answer to that question is not the violent reaction to Quran burnings or the massacre of Afghani civilians by a U.S. soldier. Neither is it that “Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires,” “it’s a tribal society immune to a strong central government”, “the real problem is in Pakistan,” or “the government of President Hamid Karzai is corrupt.” All are facts, but they are not the principal reasons the NATO effort in Afghanistan, despite success on and off the battlefield, is floundering. (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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The U.S. fossil-fuel dilemma is that the United States has vast, albeit finite, fossil-fuel resources, but we don’t exploit them sufficiently because of environmental and political reasons.

Many environmentalists and political activists believe their use causes man-made global warming, and by exploiting finite domestic energy resources we only discourage the development of infinite alternative energy sources—solar, wind, geothermal, etc. Thus we have allowed ourselves to become dependent on expensive foreign oil from volatile regions of the world.

As gas prices again soar, there is a way out of this dilemma, if only we have the common sense to see it.   (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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To paraphrase an old Kingston Trio song:

They’re rioting in Greece, they’re occupying America.

There’s unrest in China, and Middle East hysteria.

The whole world is festering with unhappy contrarians

The Islamists hate everyone, everyone hates Americans

Palestinians hate Israelis, someone hates the Dutch.

And no one likes anybody very much.

Amidst all this chaos, Americans want a president and legislators that will restore order, prosperity, and national security. It’s difficult to imagine how we can elect the right people, however, when we spend more time focusing on form than substance. (More)

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Statue of Che Guevara near the site of his exe...

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Listen to Ed’s Audio Blog:

Democrats have made many outrageous comments recently. Rep. Maxine Waters said the Tea Party could “go to hell.” Another member of the Congressional Black Caucus, Andre Carson, said that the Tea Party wants blacks “hanging from a tree.” Now, James Hoffa, president of the Teamsters Union, tells union members that they are ready to go to political war with Republicans and take the “sons of bitches” out.

A comment that didn’t get the coverage the above comments got, but that I believe is revealing of the warped ideas in far-left Democrat’s heads, is Bob Beckel’s defense of Che Guevara on The Five as a freedom fighter. http://www.breitbart.tv/bob-beckel-che-guevara-was-freedom-fighter/

Che has been a hero of the American left since long before his death at the hands of the Bolivian Army in 1960. In reality he was a communist thug, murderer, and all around bad guy. The fact that Che is held in such high esteem by Beckel and other’s on the left gives us a glimpse into how their minds work and what they believe is worthy of admiration.

The progressive left simply has a self-image of moral superiority. Whether a progressive is a communist revolutionary in the jungle or an academic in an ivy-covered tower, progressives look on them as superior to those who don’t agree with the progressive world view. That world view is that even thugs like Che who are supposedly  “ideologically motivated” are smarter and serve society better, even when they do evil (like indiscriminate killing) along the way.

That’s why labor leaders over the years could crack heads, engage in corruption, and break the law and still be icons of the left.

However, any American who professes to believe in freedom, liberty, and the American way that can look up to people like Che Guevara simply either doesn’t know or understand who he was and what he did or they have a warped sense of right and wrong. I believe it’s the latter.

No doubt moderators in the many upcoming Republican debates will ask Republican candidates if they believe in evolution, does God talk to them, and other questions designed to reveal their politically incorrect views. I hope when Republicans chose their nominee and he or she debates President Obama, those same moderators will ask Barack Obama what his opinion is about Che, Mao Zedong and other thugs whose images have adorned the T-shirts of liberals over the years. And I hope they ask him why progressives are blind to their monumental hypocrisy and double standard.

Of course they won’t. So it’s up to Americans to figure this all out for ourselves.

So no one will misunderstand me. As I have said many times. There are plenty of good Democrats and liberals. They’ve just been overshadowed and infected by radical progressives lately. The best disinfectant is a little sunshine.

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