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If you follow politics and the presidential election campaigns at all, you’ve read or glanced through dozens of articles about why Americans are dissatisfied with the government in Washington, D.C.. As someone who worked in the military and government in our nation’s capital for nearly 30 years, let me give it to you succinctly. The U.S. Government, whether run by Republicans or Democrats (but worse under Democrats) has come to see itself as above the American people and not a servant of them.

The plain and simple reason for this is money. There is so much money swashing around the Nation’s capitol that practically everyone who is elected to federal office soon realizes that their mission is to gain control of as much of it as possible. To do that they need to be reelected and to be reelected they need lots of donor money from people who want control of the government’s money by proxy. This above all is the principal reason Donald Trump is likely to win the Republican nomination and go on to become the 45th President of the United States.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not enemy of Wall Street or lobbyists or the big banks. Money is what they are all about and what they are supposed to be concerned about. I blame government for this problem. It’s people in government that let them get away with the highway robbery that are so often accused of. Money is power, and the aggregation of power is how political ideologies achieve their agendas. The reason government is worse under Democrats is because, unlike Republicans, Democrats tend toward totalitarianism. They want to control everything all the time.

An issue secondary to the money problem is competence. The amount of incompetence among politicians reaches biblical proportions. With a few exceptions, almost everything the federal government does cost twice as much as it should, is inefficient, and enormously wasteful. Despite all this, few are rarely held accountable. How many people have been fired over the rollout of Obamacare or abuses at VA hospitals?

I said there were exceptions. Often criticized and admittedly imperfect, U.S. foreign aid is one program that benefits the U.S. enormously at modest cost. It helped contain the Soviet Union, kept us out of numerous wars, won friends and influenced leaders in world capitals around the world. Why is it so criticized by many senators and representatives? Because the money doesn’t line the pockets of the donor class. The meager few billion dollars spread across the world don’t make defense contractors rich. Defense spending is a mixed bag. The weapons systems we have produced and fielded are what make the U.S. a superpower. Nevertheless, the Defense acquisition system is seriously broken.

Democrat and Republican voters ostensibly have different reasons for being fed up with the federal government, but they all center on the same problem—money. Democrats believe the federal government doesn’t take enough of it. Republicans voters believe the federal government takes to much. Democrats believe Republicans have blocked the President on spending and other issues. Republicans believe their elected representatives have given in too much to President Obama on Obamacare, spending, unconstitutional executive orders.

Along comes Donald Trump. He’s a multi billionaire and he’s never been elected to government office of any kind. Perhaps he’s immune to the money disease corrupting America? Perhaps not; but Americans have had enough of government that places it’s elected officials self-interest above the American people’s.


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Meet the Press

As the U.S. Congress debates a national shield law to protect journalists, central to the debate is who is a journalist? Perhaps no issue better demonstrates how far some people’s interpretation of the Constitution has strayed from our Founding Fathers intent.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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Government scandals are nothing new; they have plagued every presidential administration in American history, and they will continue to do so. What’s disturbing about the current General Services Administration (GSA) and Secret Service scandals is what they tell us about the changing character of U.S. government employees involved in them. (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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The U.S. fossil-fuel dilemma is that the United States has vast, albeit finite, fossil-fuel resources, but we don’t exploit them sufficiently because of environmental and political reasons.

Many environmentalists and political activists believe their use causes man-made global warming, and by exploiting finite domestic energy resources we only discourage the development of infinite alternative energy sources—solar, wind, geothermal, etc. Thus we have allowed ourselves to become dependent on expensive foreign oil from volatile regions of the world.

As gas prices again soar, there is a way out of this dilemma, if only we have the common sense to see it.   (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH: The Washington, D.C. Three-Ring Circus

The Political Circus

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Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages, welcome to the greatest show on earth—the United States federal government, Washington, D.C., three-ring circus. I’m not talking about the three branches of government. I’m talking about the star performers—the aerialists, the jugglers, the clowns, and, on the track around them, the people riding elephants. All of them were in top form last week in the showdown over the government shutdown, but who knows what thrills, spills, and laughter today’s performances might bring.  (More)

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