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Eric Holder, Attorney General Nominee

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Attorney General Eric Holder is determined to prosecute unlawful enemy combatants (UECs) captured overseas in U.S. federal courts. And he has decided to do so with Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame, a Somali national accused of terrorism captured in the Persian Gulf region in April and detained aboard a U.S. Navy ship. Bipartisan action in Congress prevented the Obama administration from trying terrorists held at Guantanamo in U.S. federal courts. Now Congress must close the loophole in the law to prevent Holder from trying UECs held on U.S. Navy ships in federal court.   (More)

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WIKILEAKS WAR ON AMERICA: Obama, CINC or Conscientious Objector?

Barack Obama holds first cabinet meeting 4-20-09

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Wikileaks has declared war on America. Will President Obama be our Commander-in-Chief or a conscientious objector? With the third and most recent release by Wikileaks of classified information—sensitive State Department communications—Attorney General Eric Holder “opened an investigation.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said it was “an attack on America’s foreign policy interests” and an attack on the “international community.” So far, however, President Obama has been AWOL. He has shown little interest in Wikileaks, and he has given little indication how he will respond to this blatant breach of U.S. national security. (More)


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WIKILEAKS: Another Fat Lip for America

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The fat lip President Obama received last week on the basketball court is similar in many ways to the fat lip America has received from the latest Wikileaks release of sensitive State Department communications. Both are embarrassing because they reveal vulnerabilities and actions best not made public. Neither is a debilitating injury when properly treated. The President’s fat lip, however, only required a few stitches. America’s fat lip requires major surgery. (More)

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Things haven’t been going well for Democrats lately. President Obama’s poll numbers are tanking. They’re at risk of losing control of the House and Senate. Their policies are unpopular. And they’re so jittery that last week they threw an African-American Department of Agriculture employee, Shirley Sherrod, under the bus before they had all the facts because they’re afraid of Fox News. Some people say this is all Barack Obama’s fault. He’s too ideological, too inexperienced, and too self-centered, and he’s led the Democratic Party astray. I disagree. I think Democrats have just lost their groove. (More)

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THE OIL SPILL IN THE GULF – Obama’s Leadership Crisis

President Obama’s critics have called him many things. Now, criticizing him for his reaction to the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, they’ve begun to call him “incompetent,” comparing him to Jimmy Carter. If that label sticks, the Obama presidency, like Jimmy Carter’s, is doomed. Even worse, if President Obama doesn’t act decisively and quickly to stem the tide of destruction, the oil spill will cause irreparable damage to millions of people’s lives and to the country. (More)

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