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Meet the Press

As the U.S. Congress debates a national shield law to protect journalists, central to the debate is who is a journalist? Perhaps no issue better demonstrates how far some people’s interpretation of the Constitution has strayed from our Founding Fathers intent.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)


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I didn’t personally know Andrew Breitbart, although I did have the honor of speaking with him at CPAC 2010. He was an inspiration to conservative bloggers like me. My impression of him when I met him was that he was a down-to-earth guy who  believed deeply in the conservative cause and taking on the deceit and propoganda of the far left. As others have said about him he was fearless. I’m not surpised at the hateful things those who hated and feared him are saying about him after is death. But as Andrew Breitbart himself said, when they are calling you names, they are loosing the argument. His legacy will live on in the many who will follow in his footsteps and take up the conservative cause. It is the measure of the man that so many who knew and admired him are speaking up for him at this sad time. Prayers and condolences to his family and friends.

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RONALD REAGAN: What You Saw is What You Got

President Ronald Reagan speaking at a Rally fo...

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Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday Sunday provides an opportunity for people who respected and admired him to talk and write the President and his legacy. Some recall his great achievements—his role in ending the Cold War, Reganomics, and the revival of conservatism. Others reminisce about his acting and political careers before he became president. Others remember his storytelling, his boundless sense of optimism, and his deep and enduring love of America.

As someone who arrived in Washington, D.C., the year before President Reagan and who worked in the Department of Defense during his eight years in office, I remember a president who inspired and empowered the people that worked for him, didn’t require or create a bloated national-security bureaucracy, and who you didn’t have to analyze to understand. What you saw is what you got. (More)

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PLAYING THE BIGOTRY CARD: The Aces Have Become Jokers

You know who they are, those Democrats who routinely play the bigotry card—accusing Republicans and conservatives of bigotry when it’s not warranted. Certainly, not all Democrats play that game, but the Democratic Party’s anti-Republican, anti-conservative narrative has become so replete with the bigotry bogeyman, both implicit and explicit, that it taints the party as a whole. Two-thousand-ten, however, may well prove to be the nadir of this tactic—at least for a while.  (More)

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