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I haven’t paid all that much attention to the NFL’s DeflateGate scandal. I listen to reports about it just about every day on Fox News and I read the headlines about it on the Drudge Report; but I don’t spend hardly any time dwelling on them. Even so, it’s difficult to avoid the controversy. I took my car in for a safety inspection and while I was waiting I had to listen to a shouting match between another customer and the man behind the counter over whether Tom Brady deflated the 12 balls or not.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not a football fan. I watch the Redskins play when they are 10 and 0, and I usually watch the Super Bowl, mostly for the commercials. Not sure how much longer that will be necessary because all the Super Bowl commercials now are available on the internet before the game. No doubt, however, that this Super Bowl will be among the most watched ever. I’m not sure what fans expect to see other than a good football game; but I have an idea how to put this entire matter to bed once and for all. Before the start of the game the chief referee should take the game ball used by the Patriots, place it on the 50-yard line and execute it. He should take a pistol and shoot the ball . After all, it’s the ball itself that is the culprit, isn’t it. It allowed someone to deflate it, or it got some bad air and couldn’t keep it down. Once they carry the dead ball off the playing field, the game could proceed and we can all forget about this silliness and worry about more important things like terrorism, Iran’s nuclear ambitions and Russia’s bad manners.


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We lost two of America’s great comic minds in the past 30 days. Both had long successful careers. Both were loved by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Both died prematurely. Both have been eulogized with glowing tributes. I never met either of these giants. The closest I ever came to watching either of them perform was in the 1970s when I stood in line outside a comedy club in Los Angeles for three hours waiting to see Joan Rivers, but I never got into the packed room. During the Vietnam War, I spent two hours  one-on-one in the back of a Caribou cargo plane with Jonathon Winters during a monsoon. He was in Vietnam with a USO tour and he invited me in out of the rain onto the aircraft hauling him around South Vietnam. It was that experience that gave me a true appreciation for the value of Comedy. Winters talked to me, entertained me, for the entire two hours not once repeating the jokes he told at his performance for the 2nd Bde of the 9th Division the night before. He lifted my spirits and made me laugh till it hurt. It was an experience I never forgot. Winters and Williams comedy had much in common. It bordered on insanity. Rivers was different. Her genius was taking every aspect of life, including the painful ones, and making them funny. There are and have been many great comics. America is full of them. But the loss of Williams and Rivers leaves a big hole in the comic universe that will be hard to fill.

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I found this video on TheBlaze. It occurred to me that this “art form” is just what the failing mainstream media needs to revive itself.


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Yesterday I was on Twitter when Greta Van Susteren tweeted that she wanted someone to give her a Skype call.  Her plan was to record it and post it at Gretawire. Sitting at my computer I entered the Skype address she provided and called her. Lo and behold, in an instant Greta appeared on my computer screen! Only problem, she could hear me, but no video of me. It was as short call because, as you might expect, Greta was pressed for time. Later Greta tweeted that no one Skyped her–which is technically true as my call was aborted due to technical problems. It will be interesting to see if Greta makes much use of Skype.  Stay tuned and make sure your Skype is working properly.


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