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As if President Obama couldn’t top the absurdity of the image of him standing with Raoul Castro in front of a five-story high image of Che Guevara in Cuba, the pictures and videos of the President with an Argentine tango dancer in Buenos Aries in the wake of the Brussels attacks takes the cake.

I visited Argentina in the late 1990s as part of an official Department of Defense delegation. As is customary, after an obligatory late-night Argentine beef dinner our hosts treated us to a tango show where the head of our delegation was given the opportunity after the performance to dance with one of the alluring female tango dancers. The professional tango dancers were terrific. It was a wonderful experience which I will always remember. I often used to joke with my colleagues that I should take a few months off and go to Argentina to study the tango, if only my wife would approve.

Nevertheless, set aside the question of whether or not the President of the United States should allow the cameras to capture him with a tango dancers leg wrapped around him. The fact that this took place in the wake of a horrible terrorist attack in Brussels likely aimed at Americans makes me scream, “My God, what was the President thinking.”

As a long list of commentators already have said, President Obama should have cut short his Latin America trip when he was in Cuba and gone back to Washington, D.C. to meet with his senior national security advisors. Terrorist attacks in Europe are not background noise, the new normal or not America’s problem.

Beyond behavior I believe was wholly inappropriate when blood still staines the floor of the airport and subway in Brussels, President Obama couldn’t help again apologizing for past U.S. policy. Why the President of the United States keeps apologizing to countries that can’t begin to approach what America has done for the world bewilders me. Argentina in particular has nothing to brag about. Between the succession of dictatorships, the Juan and Evita Peron regime and providing a safe having for Nazi’s, I think they should apologize to us.

I long for the day I can aging be proud of my president. Unfortunately, given current circumstances, it doesn’t appear that day will come any time soon.


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The picture of President Barack Obama standing with Raoul Castro in front of a large image of Che Guevara speaks volumes. At the very least, Pres. Obama’s advance team is incompetent. At worst, the President has no problem identifying himself with one of the most brutal communist murders in modern history, something no American president should ever do.

As Michael J. Totten write in World Affairs, “The truth about Che now has its boots on. He helped free Cubans from the repressive Batista regime, only to enslave them in a totalitarian police state worst than the last. He was Fidel Castro’s chief executioner, a mass-murderer who in theory could have commanded any number of Latin American death squads, from Peru’s Shining Path on the political left to Guatemala’s White Hand on the right.”

Wherever you stand on the U.S. official recognition of Cuba, President Obama’s management of foreign affairs during his time in office has only two possible explanations. Either the President is totally ignorant of foreign affairs and therefore incompetent in the management of them or President Obama has more sympathy for America’s enemies than he has for America.

While many argue the latter is more the case than the former, I tend to believe that both are equally at play. His ignorance of foreign affairs gives him a false sense of reality about American’s enemies, as evidenced by his dealings with Russia and Iran. At the same time, his revulsion, passed down to him by his father, of Western colonialism, and his experience with the pro-socialist/communist views of his mother, forged his world view.

We can’t climb into Barack Obama’s head, so it’s not possible to know what mixture of incompetence and anti-Americanism affect his foreign policy decisions at any given time. I speculate, however, that Pres. Obama will cherish the photo of him standing in front of Che’s image with Raoul Castro. If you believe Pres. Obama has done just about all the damage he’s going to do to America, he’s not done yet. God only knows what he has up his sleeves for the next seven months. And after the election, regardless of who becomes our next president, Barack Obama will be ever-present in the media underpinning his legacy.

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