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Mid Atlantic States Prepare For Large Snow Storm

From the Outskirts of the Hub of Western Civilization (Jan 23, 2016) The wheels of the United States government have ground to a halt, albeit on a Saturday. Still, up to 30 inches of snow could keep it closed Monday and Tuesday. Unlike shutdowns of the government from congressional inaction, however, the endless stream of borrowed money will continue to flow. Nothing prevents Barack Obama from issuing executive orders from the comfort of the White House. And nothing prevents presidential candidates’ TV commercials from airing constantly on broadcast and cable television.

As a 37-year-resident of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, I’ve seen several monster snow storms, but none as bad as this one. I’ve also seen several presidential elections from the nation’s capital, but none as wild as this one. Fortunately the snow will melt away and everyday life in and around D.C. will return to normal. I can’t say as much for presidential politics. The snow (job) just gets deeper and deeper and there is no end in sight.


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