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Will the migrant/refugee flash-mob rape attacks that happened in Europe likely spread to the United States.

The short answer to that question is probably not, and the reason for that is that we have fewer Middle Eastern refugees, Those already here are more integrated into society, and American women are better armed than their European cousins.

What happened in Europe on New Year’s Eve is deplorable. Bands of Middle Eastern men, presumably Muslins, sexually assaulted and robbed women in Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Switzerland. Assaults in Germany occurred in at least six cities. Precisely how many women were assaulted is unknowable as many, no doubt, did not report their incidents.

What happened isn’t surprising considering the status of women in Middle Eastern cultures. Abuse of women and children is far more prevalent than in the U.S. Why would young Middle Eastern men behave any differently after they arrive in Europe than they did in their home countries. I’m not referring to all Middle Eastern or Muslim males, just a large percentage of those who have been educated not to see women as equals. The logical conclusion many come to, therefore, is that as the number of Middle Eastern/Muslin migrants/refugees in the United States increases, sexual assaults of this sort will become more common.

Other commentators, however, have noted that the integration of Muslims into society in the United States if far better than in Europe where Muslin populations have grown quickly and tend to isolate themselves in their own communities where they don’t assimilate Western values. Add to that the smaller number of muslins in the U.S. (1%) compared to Europe (6% and increasing rapidly to 8% by 2030). The numbers of Middle Eastern/Muslim men in America who reflect the behavior of those we saw in Europe on New Year’s eve is only a small fraction of the 1% of them in the U.S. This could change, of course, if large numbers of Middle Eastern migrants/refugees enter the U.S. in a short time.

Beyond these considerations, we should not play down the fact that the number of American women buying guns and obtaining concealed-carry permits for self defense has increased exponentially. “The number of women going to gun ranges has jumped roughly 60 percent since 2001 to more than five million, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.” More women bought guns in 2015 than men. Contrary to President Obama’s response to a rape victim in the CNN Town Hall on Guns that a woman with a gun is more likely to get shot with her own gun than an attacker, women have demonstrated time and again this is not true.

I don’t expect we will see flash-rape mobs in the U.S. any time soon, but if we do, let them be forewarned.

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  1. Phelan says:

    What does “being better armed” have to do with it? Going with what the vicims described about how it happened (trying to pass through densely packed groups, being surrounded, then within seconds it went from “accidental” brushes to being groped all over their bodies to getting their clothes ripped off and forced to the ground; in some cases, the women who did manage to escape due to friends pulling them out hadn’t even noticed their torn off clothes), I hope nobody is deluded enough to believe that carrying a firearm or pepperspray would do any good at all. Sure, one or two people might get hurt, but then that exact weapon would be out of her hands and at worst even get used against her.

    • EWRoss says:

      Good points. I agree that in those situations a firearm likely wouldn’t do much good. Nevertheless, there are situations where they would, and a well trained woman could react to them appropriately. It all comes down to training. If you are going to carry a firearm, you better be training no only on how to use the weapon, but how to react in fast moving situations. There are many many reports of incidents in the U.S. where properly trained men and women reacted quickly and prevented attacks by multiple attackers. Given the way political correctness is hobbling our police forces and the increased threat from terrorism, it behoves everyone to learn how to defend themselves.

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