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Starting today for the next 21 days I’m offering fre copies of “The Transplants” in exchange for your review at StoryCartel.com. Check it out.

Of the potentially billions of planets in the Universe that could support intelligent life like that on Earth, is it not reasonable to assume that at least one of them contains life that very much resembles humans? If so, would they share our beliefs in God, religion and human love?

“The Transplants” is a science fiction novel about Rion and Sena, two refugees from just such a planet who travel across the galaxy to Earth to save their species from extinction. Arriving on Earth, they are separated at sea in a hurricane. He washes up on the coast of Georgia. An Australian billionaire on his yacht rescues her and takes her to Australia. Pursued by an obsessed NASA scientist, an FBI agent and multiple foreign intelligence services, they must find each other, survive, evade and escape capture. It’s a science fiction story, an action adventure story, a love story and the eternal story of intelligent life’s relationship with the Universe. 


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Here is the link to the PressKit for The Transplants.It’s purpose is to put everything about the book in one place. It includes the synopsys, the video trailer, an exerpt, reviews, my profile, and all other information about the book. Im still offering two free copies a month to people who follow me on Facebook or Twiitter, at EWRoss.com or this blog. If you are interested in a free copy all  you have to do is ask. Not everyone reads eBooks and picking people at random hasn’t worked well; so I slect from among those that ask. Also I’m still looking for reviewers. That includes people who will review the book on their blog or on Amazon.com.

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