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My SciFi, action adventure novel “The Transplants” http://youtu.be/20qcD1ouxJs The Transplants has been available on Amazon for 90 days now. So far I have 9 five-star reviews. I am still offering free copies to reviewers. If you are interested please contact me at ewr@ewross.com. I wrote “The Transplants” as a vehicle to examine several questions. How would we and the U.S. government react to first contact with intelligent life indistinguishable from humans. How would aliens from a planet more advanced than Earth but where belief in a supreme being and religion had disappeared react to these ideas when they arrived on Earth. Is our concept of love unique to Earth or is it universal. Can we ever coexist with extraterrestrial life.

As a kidney transplant recipient of 30 years, I chose the title “The Transplants” because in an organ transplant a health organ is taken from a dead or dying individual and transplanted into a sick or dying one, giving it a new lease on life. Rion and Sena escape a doomed planet and come to Earth with knowledge and expertise that gives Earth a new lease on life. Will Earth reject them as a human body often rejects an organ transplant or will it accept them and prosper? The Transplants


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