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During the nearly five and a half years of the Obama presidency, America has been moving in the wrong direction. The U.S. economy continues to struggle through the longest and slowest recovery from recession since World War II. From Benghazi to Ukraine, U.S. foreign policy has collapsed. U.S. world leadership has receded to a low not seen since the 1930s. Have we hit bottom yet?  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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18 Responses

  1. arma2012 says:

    I agree with your analysis. The Obama political cadres understand they may lose the Senate at mid-term. They will enlist every dirty trick in the book to prevent that from happening but just in case, they want to protect Obama’s unconstitutional uses power against challenges through the court system. We have seen Harry Reid destroy the filibuster as an obstacle to their Circuit Court appointments and we can expect they will do the same for any Supreme Court appointments that may come up before they lose the Senate. Their problem is that there are no vacancies to be filled. They will do whatever they can by whatever means needed in order to create vacancies while they still control the Senate. Time is running out. There is already a drumbeat for Justice Ginsberg to resign as soon as possible so that Obama can name a successor that Harry and the Gang will ram through the Senate no matter how radical the choice. But, even if they succeed in hounding Justice Ginsberg from the Court they will still need at least one and if possible two additional vacancies. Justice Roberts is increasingly vilified and demonized to the point that it putting a bulls-eye on his back. At the same time Justice Thomas is now the target of a concerted campaign including documentaries and films about Anita Hills’ charges of sexual harassment. The tone is hateful, calculated to ignite anger and hostility against them which given the current culture puts their lives at risk. I very much worry for their safety and that of other Supreme Court Justices with which these Obama zealots disagree. Am I off my rocker or is this possible? Only time will tell and the eight month clock before the Democrats lose control is ticking away.

  2. Ed, there is no liberal media. That is a myth. CNN is a classic example… Almost all their air time has been devoted to the missing plane while ignoring everything else. I have to go to the web to find out what is going on. Our national debt is pathetic. However, in cal the economy is growing and homes are selling for absurd amounts, people are working, and the stores are full of shoppers… Lots of new small businesses. Maybe where you live things are not doing well? As for world events, the USA does not always get its way anymore and that is a reality. The middle class in India is as large as America. We better figure out a way to quit fighting among ourselves because we have real competition in the world’s marketplace. How many more meaningless votes do we really need against Obama care? We have not fixed the veterans administration backlog… A national disgrace! We are cutting our military to levels that are dangerously low! We have an infra structure that is wearing out… Dams, rail, highways… Airports, harbors. We bring in highly trained foreign temp visa holders while not hiring our own citizens with degrees in the field.

    By Peter Kassebaum

  3. We pay more for prescription drugs because of a congress that likes $$$ more than the people it is supposed to represent. The list is endless.

    By Peter Kassebaum

  4. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    Unfortunately we are still going down. Obama has not yet debased the American spirit and sense of morality enough, as it seems he has a ways to go. His medical system will leave us in a more sickened state both in body and spirit. He is now preaching to the world his immoral philosophy as he justifies debasement of life, denial of marriage, and a needed dependency on welfare to live.

    As he continues I see many republicans ready to throw away some of their principles that they supported such as life and marriage which were part of the Republican platform in 2012. Our society is sick and Obamacare will make it even more so.

    By James Rohrich Sr

  5. Bob says:

    If we, as a country, haven’t hit bottom yet it certainly isn’t because our current leadership hasn’t tried to put us there. We have pretty much lost the respect of our enemies, and also of many long term allies. The current leadership has ignored major atrocities and war crimes being committed by other countries against their own people. Our current leadership has fought long and hard to continue to borrow and conduct massive spending campaigns that several generations ahead will be unable to pay back. We have skirted the important issues for years now and concentrated on passing meaningless social issues that the majority of america isn’t even interested in. A recent example of how much respect we have lost was the, in your face, low level buzzing of one of our warships by Russia. It wasn’t all that long ago, that Russia wouldn’t have thought of such an act. If we haven’t hit bottom, we are damn close.

  6. Bill Jordan says:

    So what’s the Republican game plan to change all this? And who’s going to deliver the message?

  7. Reposted from LinkedIn says:


    I am not an advocate for Obama, but 6 years ago, people were saying the same thing about the guy that lead this nation into two wars(falsely instigate I may add), who set us in our current path of economic disaster,and unfortunately as hard this current learder has tried, we just don’t seem to get out of it.Yes Obama has his faults, but rather than helping currect the issues, the other team has only played the blame game rather than collect their knowledge and experience to set our country in the right path, they are as guilty as Obama and as us, the people, who seek welfare but are not willing to go out and improve our nation.

    It is not Obama’s only fault, but all of us, when we seek only what benefits our pockets and not our nation, it is no wonder why we are where our at today. We forget, “It is better to give than to receive”, once we all (Congress, Corporate world, and society) UNITE in a vision for a better UNITED STATES of America, only then would our nation rise once more, other wise, the bad guys are just going to get worse.

    By Jacobo Laya Jr

  8. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    I totally agree with you, Jacobo. My question remains who is going to do what’s right for the COUNTRY, as opposed to placing political party agendas at the helm of this nation? I’ve not seen anyone, republican or democrat, take a stand against party politics and determine how to bridge the gaps in order for the country to go forward. That’s the problem with politicians…each elected official tends to be self-serving and try to brain-wash Americans by demonizing those who are not in concert with their views.

    By Alfredo Anthony

  9. Reposted from LinkedIn says:


    We musn’t depend on one person to lead us, WE THE PEOPLE, have to take lead in this, and stop the polical and corporate control that is currently ruining us. WE have to demand polititians to provide safe laws and high standard projects for the better of our communities and our country. We musn’t allow the corporate world to control our hard earned money and projects that only fill their pockets.

    How do we do it? Look back to our Independence and Civil history, people both common and elite took a stand for independence and civil rights, WE must do so also, not by merely voting for the politician that best fits, for we know that as individuals they are only interested in their own gain, but by us, people like you and me, taking action at our communities through our churches, at our jobs, and at our schools, and most importantly with our families.

    We have lost our values, our visions, and we live to work but forget to work to live. Technology is stealing our humanity from us, yes it is good but it must be us who controls it, not the other way around.

    I can not change the world on my own, but I can plant a seed of hope, help a brother learn how to fish rather than feed him and depend on me, if we can all do the same, perhaps there can be a better world for our children.

    By Jacobo Laya Jr

  10. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    While the justification for the Iraq war is, in hindsight, debatable, I don’t see how anyone could come to the conclusion that the Afghanistan war was unjustified.

    By John Farfaglia

  11. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    Terrorism is a fight against a group of individuals, not a nation. In over a decade of war, and soldiers gave their lives, we neither liberated nor brought peace and tranquility to Afghanistan, worse still, though we supposedly killed their leader, AlQueada still stands.

    I don’t justify what happened on 9/11 but how we dealt with it was totally wrong and it has cost us our economy.

    Just as the War on Drugs, the War on Terrorism will not be won by guns, but by heart and values we instill starting from our families, our communities, our Nation and eventually the World.

    Can it be done? We accomplished a similar feat when we defeated the Nazis, we returned from that war devoted only to rebuild our nation and our homes, from Congress to Corporate, to Church and Communities, they all joined forces to make what the USA was 30 years ago. The world look upon our nation and were inspired to be just like us.

    What Happened?

    By Jacobo Laya Jr

  12. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    Let’s reality rather than hopeful thinking. Reality is the present American state is not working for majority of Americans. I cannot think of one area where our country has improved in decades. It has been a slow and eventual decline that has become visible over time. This did not happen just in the past 6 years. We are only now seeing reality of past government failures and their dire effects in its citizens. Government is the problem-bottom line. No fix as long as it keeps growing and stagnating growth and prosperity for its citizens. LESS Government is the solution. Now sell that Capital Hill. It’s not in the Government’s best interest for a smaller and controlling Government. Let’s face it, it’s a Country Club living for those in Government. There is not an incentive for them to change. The solution is to have TRUE private citizen leaders take over that now how to run things and turn us around. As long as we have lawyers and career politicians running our Government, change will not occur. Why can’t we see this and elect the best or draft the best our country has to offer to truly lead us.

    By John Bula

  13. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    Perhaps your right John, but are not the Corporate Lobbyists the culprit in damaging our Government? Are not they, who pay these politicians to mandate the laws that benefit their wallets?

    Not only, ” As long as we have lawyers and career politicians running our Government, change will not occur”, but also Corporate America has to play its role too. Put aside profit, and rather concentrate on leaving a legacy so that others may build upon, both for its workers and their communities.

    Never in our lives have companies earned so much but have given so little. Their hunger for their golden eggs drives them in killing the Goose that lays them.

    By Jacobo Laya Jr

  14. Reposted from LinkedIn says:


    You’re espousing beliefs and principles by which people of integrity and high morals abide. Yes, I wish that this country was truly governed by “We the People;” however, I’m a firm believer that the United States is governed by “we who have the money” and that’s something that may not change in today’s environment of filthy lucre. This is a crooked game that causes those in positions of power to desire more than they can handle. Yes, power is an aphrodisiac…that’s why a lot of the politicians remain in that game for as long as they do.

    You’re absolutely correct in stating that the changes should occur from the major socializing institutions of our society; however, I will submit that a lot of those values are eradicated by the time one is expose to the harsh realities of living in a society where he who has the most bling wins. Thereby, this cultivates an environment that is egotistic and hedonistic. The basic beliefs that guided the founding fathers are almost absent from today’s society.

    The politicians, that we elect, soon learn that it’s easier to lean towards those persons or institutions that will fill their coffers with abundant financial gains, to which they’ll sell their souls at the cost of betraying the concerns of the common American. That’s the way in which I sum up the motives of these officials. The only manner in which “we, the people” can combat them is by being objective enough to vote upon principles, not emotional manipulations. Let’s become educated enough to decipher the subliminal messages being conveyed by the politicians and uphold our “leaders” to the same standards we upheld while serving in the military of years gone.

    With respect to the war in Afghanistan, I believe it was justified. The objective was clearly stated; hand over Osama, or we will destroy your government. I believe that we would not have attacked Afghanistan had the Taleban turned him over to the US. The operational objective was clear and executed; my only disagreement was the fact that we left the job unfinished and diverted our attention to hunt down terrorists in Iraq and “supposedly” destroy their WMD capabilities. If you’ll remember, we had two operations, SOUTHERN WATCH and NORTHERN WATCH, that rained holy hell on Saddam whenever we saw indications of his intent to further his WMD capabilities. We had him pretty much in check!

    My assessment of the Iraq invasion is that it was a total failure, and many planners saw it prior to the execution. However, we had some hawks that were not going to rest until the US unleashed the jackal to make way for the petro companies to influence the flow of black gold! I remember telling some of colleagues that we will destroy the Iraqi army; however, when we have boots on the ground, that’s when those nasty @@*** will begin taking their cheap pot-shots against us. That was stated as we were planning for the northern advance via Turkey. Yes, we had to redefine the meaning of success in order to get out of the land. Let’s face it, it’s difficult to implement changes to a nation that has never experienced autonomy.

    By Alfredo Anthony

  15. Reposted from LinkedIn says:


    I am glad you see where I am comming from, and perhaps there is a solution to this crazyness. “We the People”, should demand that political positions be limited not only in time but also by people, no polititian should be able to stay in the same office regardless of experience, once his term is completed he or she may seek other positions or pass on their experience onto others(Of course, greed is a problem here).

    We need to go back to the way our forefathers did politics, where they determined their need not only at their communities but as the country as a whole, and then eleceted a representative who was responsble to represent and manage that program. The key is, THEY ALL worked together to solve the issues and using their selected figure to represent their stance and sign policies both foreign and domestic. Their figure’s responsiblity was also to educate the POEPLE, concerning their legislations.

    But as you have stated, we live in a world full of selfishness, greed, and heartlessness. As technology continues to move forward, we humans would loose more and more our hearts and emotions, becomming the very machines we have created. The “Matrix”, “Terminator”, “Hunger Games”, “Transendense”, “Elysium”, “The Edge of Tomorrow” show ample view to what is awaiting our children’s future if we do not stop this NOW.

    By Jacobo Laya Jr

  16. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    Every government is inherently tyrannical, fueled by the lust for power, wealth and status. Our constitution put in place a system of checks and balances, assuming those occupying each of the competing branches would jealously protect their slice of the enumerated powers from the other branches’ encroachments. What the founders may have not anticipated was the government collective we now have. Our current government sees the line of demarcation not between their individual branches but between the ruling class and the peons (us). They believe together and unified, they can strip We the People of all our power as free citizens. They make and approve important executive branch appointments not based on competence and constitutional performance, but entirely based on partisan, power concentrating agendas. From Bush’s Mike Brown at FEMA (Katrina) to Obama’s Eric Holder at DoJ we have seen nothing but partisan incompetence wholly indifferent to the nation’s interest or constitutional authority. We live in a petty tyranny of clowns. But as Jim correctly states, they have managed to subdivide us and pit us against each other when the real enemy to our freedom and prosperity is the ever expanding government. The only remaining questions are how long will we take it? And when we tire of it, what will we do to correct it? Rest assured, as Harry Reid revealed in his recent statement describing Cliven Bundy, any who have the audacity to demand government get back in the constitutional box the founders built will be considered “domestic terrorists”. They will unleash the full extent of their governmental fury to protect their power from us. We have only numbers, the Constitution and God’s mercy on our side. We either all hang together or we shall all hang separately.

    By Peter Ross

  17. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    What saddens me most is that right now, for the last 3 months, we have been witnessing exactly what is going to happen to the USA what has happened to my country Venezuela.
    Since the 50’s&60’s Castro slowly infiltrated his people into Venezuela, waiting patiently to play his card, 15 years ago Venezuela was going through exactly the U.S.A. is going through, today. Two main parties, Adeco & Copei, one liberal and one conservative just like the two we have here today. These two parties controlled Venezuela for over 20 years. Like our leaders today, they sought only their pockets, then a leader rose, someone totally different and the people chose him, Chavez. Little did they know, that this man was trained by Castro, into the Cuban communism and for the last 14 years this man he instilled his ways into the poor and weak(the majority), he used witchcraft to further his powers into the weak-minded (worse still he disturbed the thumb of our Liberator, Simon Bolivar to achieve his gains but eventually it cost him and 9 others their lives). Today most of the current Venezuelan professional and business type has left their homes and nation, other have stayed because they have good positions in the government and though they despise they don’t stand up to it for fear of their loss. That has left the students, who for the last three months have been fighting for the freedom their forefathers once knew, their blood have been spilled by their own government who are nothing more that a puppet of the Cuban government who now has control of this once beautiful and rich country.

    For us to ignore this, is for us to ignore what is currently happening in our own country, right here in the USA. Corporate lobbyist and selfish politicians, atheist self sought individuals are doing exactly the same thing Cuba has done to Venezuela. If you say no, then I hope you wake up, because these people took away our once rich family values, our prayers from our schools, granted power children over parents, and wrong doers over righteous. They control what we buy, how we work, and how we live.

    I am not calling us to revolt, but I do call us to wake up and pass the word to people, for only WE THE PEOPLE, would be able to change what is happening. If we do not set the path right now for our children, what becomes of their future will only lie on our shoulders.

    By Jacobo Laya Jr

  18. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    A big part of this problem is the constant focus on the past quarter’s results and the next quarter’s adjustments as a result of the past quarter’s performance. This is on-going in industry (any industry) and is now in government and even education. There is no long term planning and if there is, then the long term is a year.

    The world may move at a faster pace due to technology and we all have become accustom to instant gratification in some form or another. Our leaders are no different which is another part of the problem.People are now no different than our leaders today.

    Those that want to make a difference and really understand what it takes to make a difference know that there are no quick fixes, no free lunches, and no policies that are going to make things better overnight (look at the government health care as a good example of quick fixes not working). We need leadership and people willing to accept and believe in a vision and a will to hold the course along with patience and a willingness to make self scarifies to accomplish the goals. This used to be the American way. Somehow we have lost that and that is why we are in the fall that we are in.
    We not only need leadership that can restore this but we need people who believe in this and want to work to make this happen, not sit back and hope that someone will provide an app for this!

    By Dana Hollis, PMP

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