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Speaking in Indonesia last week, Secretary of State John Kerry, said that global warming is “perhaps even the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.” Sec. Kerry may or may not be right about the destruction global warming may ultimately cause; but he’s absolutely right about one thin. Global warming is a weapon. It’s a political weapon of mass destruction.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)



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  1. We are finally approaching energy independence, yet so far without the help of our current administration. If we are to survive and prosper as a nation I would think it would be easier to do so from a position of economic strength. Using energy resources derived from a strong neighbor like Canada as a less costly alternative then from less certain allies seems to be a better choice. I cannot fault those who want cleaner energy, but why not accomplish it in parallel with a goal of energy independence. Various sources of alternate energy need a great deal of time and money to properly develop. If our leaders could take a long term view on what is needed, and figure out a plan to accomplish it without taking on additional national debt, I would think that we could all be better off. Although I do not want to champion any additional taxes upon us (as available taxes seem to inevitably be misdirected by our elected representatives), oil transport could be taxed for, and only for assisting the building of alternative clean energy sources over a long time period. I do not believe that the government is the most efficient vehicle to accomplish most programs, but leading industry in what would appear to be such a monumental program to significantly alter our energy mix may be our only choice. I am not for bigger government, but I am for leadership and direction using government, science and industry to establish and carry out a path forward. We owe our next generations no less.

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