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We might forgive NBC Sports for glossing over the evils of Soviet communism during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, if it weren’t for all those young men and women, born since the fall of Soviet Union, that have no memories of the Cold War or the “evil empire.” Given the U.S. education system these days, I doubt they learned much about it in school.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)


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  1. Joe Lazzari says:

    Great analysis and commentary, Ed! Far exceeds those by O’Reilly, Hannity, and other media pundits.

    • Reposted from Linkedin says:

      Thanks much, Joe. Those guys ought to know better they’re not that old; but they weren’t in the trenches like you and I were.

  2. Peter Dai says:

    What about those Japanese politicians now lying about millions of people in China and other Asian countries killed by the Japanese atrocity during 1930s and 1940s?

  3. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Thank you, sir, for posting this. The sheer scale of the atrocities committed under Soviet communism dwarfed those of Hitler’s holocaust. Lest we forget!

    By Alex Goodale

  4. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    national socialist party……hitler and stalin were socialist, and mao and the 90 per cent of the guilty for killing millions people along the XX century…..and other socialist colleagues continue the same work nowadays

    By Javier Jiménez

  5. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Big difference between the premise of communism and it’s execution. The execution was evil not the premise. Now National Socialism is evill in premise and execution. Socialism has a different definition in every state. Just look at the many flavors in Europe.

    The real problem that exists in any system is the abuse of power.

    Plato was correct, only he who eschews power is worthy to hold it.

    By Nathan Keith

  6. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Unfortunately Ed. you are righter than you know, here in Washington it is clear and I can speak form personal experience that many members of the executive, legislative branches and the military and even foreign service are woefully unprepared and under-informed. The recent debacle of the failure of many ambassadorial nominees to know about their host countries or of the State Department to brief them represent glaring examples of the steady and bipartisan dumbing down of America

    By stephen blank

  7. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    No one in Vietnam knows of the horror either

    By Paul Daly 18K + LION

  8. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    The Olympic Games are intended to promote peace !!!

    By Yordan Vasilev

  9. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Since the ultimate goal of the communists, teachers unions, Democrat and Republican parties is the same, it’s not likely that the evils of the Empire will be pointed out to young people by the “educational” system.

    By David Allison

  10. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    When the Soviet Union fell, we gained access to KGB records. What those records showed is that Senator Joseph McCarthy was right on the money. All those State Department officials he identified really were communists. All those Hollywood people he identified really were communists. They used the media to distort the truth (sound familiar?) and now the State Department and Hollywood have, of course, grown tremendously worse.

    By Lee Bishop (Det 3)

  11. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Should it be the goal of the “educational” system (which I assume to mean the K-12 “public” school system) to teach all of the “evils” of history? I agree that there are some evils of recent history that should not be ignored. Are we going to ignore the fact that the Soviet Union was “evil” prior to our involvement in WW II and yet we were allies in that war?
    Why choose the Soviet Union? Why not teach the genocides/wars in the former Yugoslavia? Or in Somalia? Or in the Congo? Or the horrors that have occurred in South Africa or in Liberia or Burma or Cambodia? Most of which we have stood by and let happen and if we got involved, it was only at the endgame?

    I suppose that my point is that there is evil in the world and all evil is a threat in that it should not be allowed to spread, especially to the US, which I believe to be the point here. My issue is: Why point out the fall of an empire (the former USSR) that was pretty much doomed to fail anyway and ignore the active evil that actually exists in the world? The red herring of the “commie threat” I suppose… I did not mean that to be a pun…

    By G. Endicott

  12. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Endicott, good point and let’s not forget Mao and the 50 million people he had killed in China.

    By Stephen Finnegan

  13. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    One of NBC’s pinkest commentators, Bob Costas has been out with Pink Eye, ironic, perhaps? On Sunday Night Football after his gun rant and rant against the Redskins, I have to turn off the sound whenever he comes on.

    Like Allison, I doubt today’s youths are receiving any real education of the perils of communism. I was in high school when Reagan was elected and college/Army when he made the “evil empire” speech. One of my college professors had apoplexy in class talking about it then.

    By Stephen Finnegan

  14. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    History, currents events, and the facts dictate precisely what happens under communism\socialism. The countries under communism reflect nightmares rather than fantasies filled with misery, terrorism, and tyranny. We all have to do a better job of citing examples of communist oppression in other countries to our younger people who do not remember the Cold War. We possess a plethora of places to cite such as China, Cuba, North Korea, The former Soviet Union, Cambodia, etc. Americans have seen marxism play out on the world stage to be tolerating it here. We virtually have no excuses.

    By Beth Ruegg

  15. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    As Austrian economist Ludwig Von Mises predicted five years after the Bolshevik Revolution “the attempt to replace the market system with central economic planning could not succeed, because planners could not possibly have the information necessary to make all the decisions which, in a market economy, are made by individuals whose needs and desires are reflected in prices.”

    I find it fascinating that Mises was able to accurately predict these shortcomings early on while vaunted economists like Paul Samuelson couldn’t see as late as 1987.

    By Nick Freitas

  16. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Those who forget their past are subject to repeat it.

    By Alex Constantino

  17. Bob says:

    At sixty seven years old, I have many memories of the tension and distrust that was so prevalent during the cold war. Khrushchev was a constant worry and threat to the United States. Before and during the Cuban Missile Crisis, many Americans had survival plans that included digging fallout shelters in their backyards. Schools devised futile plans to move students into the schools basements and even under desks to escape the initial fireball and shock waves (joke) should we had been attacked by the Soviet Union. The Soviet military history of rape, burning, and pillage of women and children when occupying a country was/is still fresh on the minds of a multitude of Americans. Trust must be earned, because of these atrocities and war crimes, many Americans are slow to accept an olive branch from the new mother Russia.

  18. Gor Wasserman says:

    How can you call this an analysis? Ed piled things and people together into one symbol that is a “red herring” in eyes of anyone who hates words without understanding concepts. Socialism is a way of life of most modern European Western states. Elderly, women and unemployed in these countries are not swept under the rug like in our country. Yet these countries are not feared and despised by the world like us. They do not have to spy on their own citizens and the rest of the world and they do not fear the world either like we are. They also do not create a poisonous atmosphere of fear and hatred of the world. They would never read what poor Ed is writing.

  19. Miklos Kiss says:

    I am a retired USAF Colonel and appreciate that I made a living, like you, protect from “market forces” in a job that does not exist in the private sector. It allowed me, and you, to live well and get a pension that no one in America can match, unless you are a CEO. Funny, the US military is the most socialist institution in America and it works.

    My family emigrated from Hungary, I saw life there before and after socialism. Life was better for the average Hungarian prior to 1991. Ditto for the Russians, so give them a break when they pine for the good old days. The America my dad emigrated to in 1956 is not the same America as today. In may ways we are a better nation today, especially with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights act. In some ways we are poorer with great inequality, ignorance and faith-based thinking.

    Laissez-faire economy has also proven to be a failure. Remember when the Cayahoga River burned, or there was lead in gas and paint. Cleaning all that up and regulating it would be called job-killing, excessive government regulation today. Pity the ignorant fools. We can’t even get the BPA out of the plastic or high national education standards without some crack-put dressed up in a tricorn hat belllowing about his freedoms and waiving a gun in my kids face.

    Just blogging.

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