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Are men becoming obsolete? Two prominent feminist writers, last week, were the latest in a long line of people that have made that argument from different points of view.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)


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8 Responses

  1. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    If one is going to say that men are obsolete, then one might as well say that woman are obsolete as well. Granted, yes, women today are far more self-sufficient than they were in the past; but then, so are men.
    By Carol Rzadkiewicz

  2. Bob says:

    There is, and has been, a fairly sucessful trend by womens groups to demand equal pay and opportunities in the workplace. There is nothing wrong with that as long as long as the women and their male counterparts are equal in skills and production. One can’t help but recognize a trend in America to feminize the country. This trend started to gain momentum in the seventies with groups such as the National Organization for Women (NOW). I suppose that many men my age (67) from the post WWII generation are glad they grew up in a time when life was less complicated. The fifties was a very productive and prosperous time in america when most women were home makers, and a small percentage of them had full time jobs. We can certainly blame the economy on the need for both sexes to work full time jobs. I suppose I would fall in the catagory of a “Male Chauvinist Pig”, and that is fine with me. I’m so glad that I worked, served in the army, and raised our family in the same “Leave it to Beaver” fashion that my parents did my sisters and me. You can definatly see this trend in commercials on tv, with mom metting out the disipline, men folding clothes in detergent commericials, and men at the park with the kids strapped to their chests in broad daylight doing bleach commericials. I have actually received resentful looks for opening or holding a door open for women in the workplace. I will still seek out the male automobile salesman when purchasing a car, and will still be somewhat repulsed when I hear a “New Age” male announce to someone that “we” are pregnant.

  3. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    I certainly hope not….

    By Beverly Farrar

  4. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    If we don’t stop being sissies, were done. Stand up and state what you believe. Stop calling your wife the boss. Stop cowering when what you believe does not line up with what is popular. Stay married. Take care of your children. Don’t let someone steal a word like Gay (a happy joyous mood) and pervert it. Be respectable and make your children mind you. We used to say this country is great because of it’s people. Let’s bring that back!

    By Michael Craig

  5. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    Well said…You have hit on some very important standards. In the movement we are about to launch finally, we are concentrating on American values, and informing the uninformed about what is happening in this country and how the politicians vote on matters that matter to us just to name a few.

    Where has our American gone and how did we let it happen with hardly a whimper?

    By Beverly Farrar

  6. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    What I find Sexy….a man with something between his ears besides air who can make me laugh.

    After 20 years, he still does 😉

    By Jennifer Warren

  7. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    In War we constantly allow ourselves to be used and abused by other Alpha males who hopscotch between the corporate world and the military/government. The US is now in the throes of those who not only desire equal pay for similar work among the sexes (in spite of the fact that we are still physically stronger and much of the work we do as men still allow for lifting over 50 lbs or up to our body weight) but politicians who are likely to appease the feminine sex first. Title IX is being used to effectively force Colleges and Universities to re-allocate the lion’s share of money to various women programs; and girls in elementary through secondary schools are supported/protected more than their male counterparts while we lose males by their tenth grade.

    The resulting emphasis on gender equality has produced more women college/university GRADs and massive incarceration of our male population. Our welfare laws provided for the exclusion of the male as head of household as the female would be denied benefits with their partner present. Today’s military have provided the final push to dump our most aggressive males in favor of educated women who are much more able to understand the complexities of weapons systems. Eighteen states have approved “same sex marriages” that will also reinforce the exclusion of men and manhood in favor of anything goes.

    Our military men enjoy marrying foreign born women they have been able to control mentally and physically, and who in-turn provided them with the comforts and ego boosting they need, without the hassles. As long as men and women are now competitors for the same things and women form the largest voting bloc, weak minded male politicians will continue to dilute our manhood and imprison those deemed a threat to society and social norms. To hell with the “go forth and multiply” concept because she/they have other ideas like careers and sorting out their sexuality.

    It may be time for the rest of the World to come save US… We need to approve pending Immigration Legislation to restore balance.

    By Herbert Nelson Jr

  8. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    I don’t think same sex marriages is our problem.We have been living on credit, greed and corruption for years , 17 trillion in the hole with China as our best bond buying customer, Saudis own 7 percent of the USA. The world is linked by the stock markets and its all run by Goldman Sachs and International Hedge Fund managers who control trillions.

    By Rob Matheson

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