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Flash-mob crimes and teenagers knocking out random strangers on the street are rare in the overall scheme of things; although they are on the increase. They don’t compare to murders in Chicago or fights that occur in Walmart stores on Black Friday, for example. Nevertheless, they represent a disturbing wave of lawlessness that justifiably should concern Americans.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)


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  1. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    Ed, while this phenomenon certainly provides grist for languishing sociologists, academics, apologists, politicians, pundits and other vermin, it also provides a planning opportunity for the rest of us in the real world. A simple analysis of the commonalities between the perps of these incidents and the victims should create a useable list of indications and warnings to shape our tactics, techniques and procedures.

    What does the threat population look like?
    From what range, and in what environment do they strike?
    What does the victim population look like?
    What should I do to avoid the threat population when I am in the threat environment?
    What can I do if contact with the enemy seems imminent?
    Is there equipment or training that will improve my survival if I cannot avoid the threat environment?

    If we’ve learned anything in the past five years, it is that hope is not a strategy, and the change the government brings may not be adequate.
    By Peter Ross

  2. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    Solve the inner-city youth unemployment challenge and you will see this problem vanish…

    By James McGovern

  3. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    I note that until 2008-2009 or so, the term “flash mob” was generally associated with some sort of social event: a planned mass “spontaneous” concert or dance performance. Starting in 2010, and defintely by 2011, the term had changed to a group crime event.

    Likewise, while the origin of the “Knockout Game” may be traced to as far back as 1992, it only really entered the public consciousness in 2012.

    Both types of events, at least according to reports, are caused by one socio-ethnic group: urban black youth. And the other connecting thread, is that these events appear to be organized and/or recorded on smartphones.

    I think we can conclude, from available evidence, that this is an unexpected side effect of the free cellphone for the poor program, colloquially known as “Obamaphones”. . .

    By Keith A. Glass, CISSP, CEH

  4. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    I predicted and described this level of lawlessness in my current book, “The Presidential Chronicles.” Others have as well. But hardly anyone seems to have learned.

    And why are things as they are? It starts with the president and then moves directly to Eric Holder and his so-called Justice Department. It has become a truly major problem and this is where it has come from.

    Are we doing anything about such things? Very few seem to be making any reasonable attempts at all. This is a very unfortunate situation that we all will find ourselves paying a terrible price for.

    The solution? I would suggest it is our personal responsibility to become involved in a major way to help in every way that we can to turn things around — to get our country back.

    Are we going to do that?


    By Jonathan West

  5. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    Ed Ross, there is also the power dynamic. The individuals who do this, like lone wolf terrorists, enjoy having the power to inflict harm on unsuspecting people.

    By Hanah Ehrenreich

  6. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    It’s a shame that innocent people should fall victim to this rash of violence and depraved behavior. Despicable. However, someday these mobs will confront let’s say; someone like me. The article will read; mob attempted a knockout and 7 or 8 lay dead in the wake. What a shame this would be but it’s inevitable.

    By Michael Gibson

  7. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    In Oz, there is a constant wave of assaults on innocent and basically helpless people, too often by groups. They target the vulnerable exhibiting a gang mentality of bullying and sometime this leads to death. Often fueled by alcohol, the local authorities are just as helpless as those back in the states. Wind the clock back to Clockwork Orange, it is now.

    Best Regards,

    By Ronald Howard Kelley

  8. fly4vino says:

    I think the best explanation of this is contained in Rory Miller’s excellent book Facing Violence. There’s more insight in two pages (p34 …) than I have seen in all the talking heads combined.

    The first point that Miller makes is that the violence is neither senseless nor random. Rather, as he describes, within the criminal subculture exit various “groups” . A reputation for violence, especially brutal violence, is an asset. The young member is faced with choices – attack a fellow group member and others may disapprove or even join the other member – attack a member of a enemy group and it may invite massive retaliation and grudges last forever or – attack someone who is isolated and not in a group of strong males.

    Since the perp is looking to establish a reputation for reckless, brutal violence, a pregnant woman , especially a white woman fits the need perfectly as it is an outrage. The ultimate is probably to kill a white cop, but that brings a host of problems. In a pinch a homeless man will do but it’s not much of a status enhancer.

    The danger is not just the blow to the head but includes the high rate of very serious head injuries when the unconscious person’s head strikes a curb or even the pavement. The popular follow-on of kicking the person also comes with a high risk of permanent harm.

    As some have noted, murder by gunshot, knife or club is more prevalent in the inner city.

    What is unique about these attacks is the very high percentage committed by blacks against whites. The vast majority of violent black crime is black on black. In Chicago for example blacks, whites and Hispanics each comprise 1/3 of the population. However, blacks commit approximately 70% of the murders vs 4% committed by whites. Despite media the media attention whites virtually never kill blacks.

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