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President Obama’s Teflon presidency has been attributable to the mainstream media’s propensity to devote little time to his misstatements and mistakes, the President’s remarkable oratory skills, and his willingness to willfully deceive Americans if it serves the “greater good.” He’s been a superhero-like figure, loved and hated, seemingly immune from slings and arrows of his enemies. All that’s changing, but if Republicans want to exploit this opportunity, they have to do more than throw rocks.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)

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  1. Reposted from LinkedIn says:


    Exactly correct. The adversary’s dilemma is only a game changer if capitalized upon. Republican leadership seems to be the product of AYSO style competition (where every loser gets a medal). They summarily lack the ability to move toward the goal and take a credible shot. Playing in the real world, this model is sure to fail.

    By Peter Ross

  2. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    I think there should be a deeper investigation of the web site disaster. American Management Systems was a large government contractor back in the late 80’s. The made their name by rescuing New York City from bankruptcy. However, they lived off of what they did for New York and never improved. Those of you in government may recall the mess they made managing the TSP system and how much of our money they lost for us. They did the same favor for the state of Georgia and Georgia sued them for it. Then CGI bought them. I would like to know if the AMS group was the group in CGI that did HealthCare.gov. If so, their record of failure should have precluded CGI from getting the contract. That, and the ties of Michelle Obama’s college friend to CGI should be sufficient for Congress to dig much deeper than they have so far. Healthcare.gov is a wreck and I predict there is no way it will be working by the end of November as the HHS Secretary has claimed. Even CGI admitted they did insufficient testing and the testing they did do did not pass. There is no way they were ready to go live with that mess.

    By James H. Dobbins, Ph.D., Esq.

  3. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    If the Republican party had LEADERSHIP in lieu of Management, then they would have a proper strategy that helped the American people conclude they have been lied to by an administration that wants control over their personal choices. You have to have an IQ less than a moron to by into the thought that “We need to pass it (OBAMACARE) to know what’s in it.”

    As far as the web site debacle, the congressional inquiry should be: 1) Who was on the source selection committee; 2) What level of CMMI proficiency was required – CMMI 3, or 5; 3) What value was given to past performance; 4) What was the evaluation team recommendation as best value; 5) who was the source selection authority; 6) What type of contract was awarded – FFP, FFPLOE, T&M, CPFF or CPAF????? 7) Who approved the launch of the site given the lack of adequate testing??? As a former manager of CMMI level 5 projects, it is easy to understand how a disaster like this happens. Some political hack more concerned with the launch date than the content and functionality issues demanded the October 1 date, who was that???

    By Matt McGuire

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