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The trifecta of scandals plaguing President Obama and his administration will get a lot worse before they get better, casting a paralytic pall over his second term and greatly reducing the likelihood American voters will coronate Hillary Clinton as his successor.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)


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25 Responses

  1. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    His minions keep saying he is innocent, didn’t know what was happening (with all the scandals-Benghazi, IRS, AP, EPA, Fast & Furious). Apparently the president is either dumb/stupid or a liar – I am voting for liar. What is going on in all these scandals and crimes is under the thumb of Obama – it is what he wants to happen.

    By Michael Talley

  2. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    Let us pray that this is the end of the Obama White House and the Clinton dynasty.

    By Bret Rivers

  3. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    Mr. Ross loves to write about Obama’s downfall and takes every opportunity to slam our President. Quite often, stating the obvious, that Obama is black. The fact that you would even include any mention of his race – irrespective of context – is one reason why the GOP is hemorrhaging support. But Mr. Ross is not alone in his perpetual attempt to discredit the President, blame him for ALL the country’s faults and on and on. Your brand of thinking Mr. Ross is precisely why the GOP (as we all knew it and liked it) is fading away. The rise of the extremists in the GOP will only serve to hasten the GOP demise.

    If you and others of your ilk stopped being the party of “no” , stopped turning everything into a scandal, stopped blaming Obama for everything and actually offer some solutions, this

    country would be in a better place.
    Anyone reading Mr Ross’ article will find it full of innuendo, false accusations and very little fact… Pretty much the GOP of today.

    By Danny Lesa

  4. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    The reports of Benghazi which has been found out as reports by the GOP. IRS does focus on suspicious donations to supposed non-profit pacs. They have been under suspicion since 2010. AP musta done something wrong or the reports are made bigger than they actually are. The EPA attacks are because the GOP don’t like their benefactors being made to clean up their act and follow clear concise rules for the benefit of the customers that use the products.

    By Jim Hyder

  5. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    Hyder, my little girl, I keep hoping you will make a serious, though out beneficial comment. Apparently, not today 🙂 More “Hyder” lies

    By Michael Talley

  6. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    I had no idea this Group was a mini-convocation of the IC Tea Party. thought group guidelines expressly prohibited propaganda. And that was a nice choice of words, Ed. Not even bothering with a dog whistle.

    By Paul Frandano

  7. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    These scandals are sordid and wretched. They indicate that bad tendencies are at play in the admin leading to behaviours that result in such sordid, sad outcomes.

    But it will be good for GoP politicians to focus hard on investigating the scandals ruthlessly and exposing / laying the truth before people. That itself will make the voters make up their minds about key politicians in the current admin.

    I am not sure focusing the political guns on Obama / Clinton as a priority really helps at this stage. Obama is not going to contest elections again and we don’t know Clinton’s plans enough at this stage.

    By Abhay Pandey

  8. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    These scandals are sordid and wretched. They indicate that bad tendencies are at play in the admin leading to behaviours that result in such sordid, sad outcomes.

    But it will be good for GoP politicians to focus hard on investigating the scandals ruthlessly and exposing / laying the truth before people. That itself will make the voters make up their minds about key politicians in the current admin.

    I am not sure focusing the political guns on Obama / Clinton as a priority really helps at this stage. Obama is not going to contest elections again and we don’t know Clinton’s plans enough at this stage.

    By Abhay Pandey
    Sorry but the divisiveness started with the GOP, particularly during the Bush Administration. Sorry…..our “Socialist, Marxism, and Leftist” President didn’t endorse either torture or unilaterally attack another country, and then try to sell it, didn’t we now? Wait a second…….it must be against the law to real about Marxism, and socialism and to side with the left. Hey, I took a course in Socialism in college. And, it was mentioned that Social Security is a capitalist model of a socialist program. Shoot, I must be freaking Communist and Social Security is a communist program now by default.

    I guess it’s ok to torture prisoners, go an attack another country without recourse. Wait a second……I know why it’s a scandal now. It’s because Obama didn’t endorse these guys, like when Bush endorsed Mike Brown, formerly from FEMA, “You’re doing a hellava job, Mike”. Or, when Dick said, “Torture is legal”. Way to go Dick, says good ol’ boy W. It’s too bad that President Obama didn’t praise Hillary, or Douglas Shulman (Oops – Bush appointee), ex-CIA Chief Patreus for the wonderful job they’ve done subsequent to the aftermath of all of the “scandals”.

    How come when something bad happens in the military, such as suicide, violence against women, veterans not getting what they deserve, equipment failure, and it should be the responsibility of the “Commander-in-Chief”. How come no one is calling them scandals? So, it’s more important for some to worry about bad management and calling that out as a scandal, but when social issues that hit home directly don’t matter? In this group, which is more related to the military and its overall actions, that include the social welfare of the soldiers, and their missions, and we have people discussing about so-called “scandals” within the branches of the Government, where are the focuses of the group being honed in on, politicking or governing?

    What the hell does politics have to do with it anyway? I said this once in this group but where does it say governing equates to politicking? Just a bunch ya-hoos bitching about the President because they don’t like him, not his policies. Has nothing to do with governing – it’s all drama – show and tell and politics….appeasing the lobbying constituents. If you don’t like the process, then speak to your representative. Stop blaming the man because you don’t like him.

    By edward lew

  9. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    @Jeff, you’re correct. Ross’ topic was the scandals yet he saw it it fit to somehow inject that Obama is black. I didn’t say that. Ross did. What’s the point of even bringing up skin color in his article? Why mention it at all? Clearly Mr. Ross dislikes Obama and every – repeat every – prior post/article/blog by him tears Obama a new a**hole. What points he’s made do I disagree with? Just about all of them. They are intentionally inflammatory opinions. Not facts. Ross will write that we do not know of the extent of Obama’s direct involvement, yet in the next breath he simply assumes Obama was in fact involved and proceeds based on that assumption. As the previous poster Ed Lew put it, it’s simply politicking and it’s shameful. Ross is entitled to his opinion. I’m simply stating I do not agree with it. And yes, I do want a two-party system. Maybe even a strong 3rd Party. I wish wholeheartedly the GOP was more moderate and willing to accept change. But it is not. My political affiliation was always Republican up until the first Bush Administration, after which I became Independent. So I’m not against having a Republican Party. I simply dislike the direction/politics of the current GOP, of which Mr. Ross could be their poster child.

    Jeff – clearly you and I disagree on many issues and I don’t take any of our disagreements personally. I’m OK with that. It’s an open discussion and everyone has a right to state their viewpoint. However, I was not slamming Mr. Ross personally. I was objecting to his article/blog/post. He’s the one who wrote it, who offered his opinion and I really don’t know how else to disagree with what he said except to simply disagree with it. If you feel disagreement is a personal attack on someone, I’m not sure what can be done about that.

    @Ed – well put. You present some good points.

    By Danny Lesa

  10. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    Danny; it’s always about one’s heritage and life experience. What we experience during formative years permanently molds us. You are who you are because of genetics and experience.

    Presidents see life through their unique lens, however acquired. We elected a black man as president, great. We’ve gotten past that. After years of his being in office, we are seeing how Mr. Obama actually views the US and the direction he wants to take it. Not everyone agrees with the President’s worldview.

    When a person takes elective office, they become fair game for criticism. Labeling every detractor of the President as racist will make it less likely that a non-white will be nominated in the future.

    By Bill Butler

  11. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    Ahhh Ed, how I wish you were right that American people will finally wake up and wise up to what the Democrat party has transformed in to (the Socialist Party) and the outrageous extent that they wil go to just to hold on to power (election fraud, thuggish politicking, lying, and whatever else you might expect in the third world banana republics).

    All of that assumes that American public is paying attention and has a sense of what is acceptable behavior and what is not. That would require being educated (being a critical thinker as an extension of it) and vigilant about what is going on.
    2008 elections, with the RINO running, was no surprise to me. On the other hand, 2012 – after all the scandals during the first term and an economy that is still struggling – proved to me that Americans have succombed to 6 decades of public school indoctrination and media propaganda that reinforces it.

    Now, you might say, but now the media is finally covering the new scandals therefore the public will be more aware. Really? Is that why according to ABC News/WaPa as well as other polls only about 55% to 60% of the public seem to think these are scandals worthy of investigating? Really? Any number less than 80%+ (allowing for only the most fanatical progressives) is proof that Americans are not capable of being outraged by the kind of thuggish behavior of this Administration.
    Let’s face it, Democrats in general are impervious to scandal. Once the Administration and the media eventually kiss and make up, I can assure you that all will be forgotten.

    You live around this cess pool (D.C.) as I do. You know the politics and the dynamics of power well. How long do you think the media types will tolerate not being invited to Georgetown coctail parties? If I know half as well as you do, I’d say not long. They would rather sacrifice likes of Sheryll Adkinson (CBS) than turn their backs on progressives. After all, they too are progressives. Ideology trumps all Ed.

    I just hope that I am being overly pessimistic rather than realistic.

    By Kerem Oner

  12. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    All you need is a few key people in an organization in to turn it into a caricature of itself.

    The current IRS scandal and the quickly developing FBI issue are examples of that. Thousands of honorable patriots work for the IRS and the FBI, a few work mostly to push a partisan agenda. That’s how you end up with a high-ranking public official taking the Fifth Amendment when questioned by congress. Sadly, this is how government works.

    What’s happening with this thread is another example. One person claiming to be an independent, goads others until the thread becomes a non-productive political argument.

    By Bill Butler

  13. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    As you all can see the Benghazi scandal has vanished from the landscape because the GOP were the ones found wanting.
    The IRS scandal is not one because the IRS has, on a regular basis, audited applications to assure themselves that the request is legal and is what the group is, nonprofit in name only or the real thing. That is their job and they do NOT need permission.

    The AP is griping mostly because they have a tendency to not be accurate in their reporting therefore they must do the “I’m the victim” card.

    The people of America need a functioning House of Representatives that work for them not for the moneyed crowd that have an agenda not in the best interests of the voters.
    The people of America need a Senate that functions wisely for the people that put them their. These men and women should have jump suits on showing who owns them.

    By Jim Hyder

  14. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    When the person in charge displays their bias, beliefs or views it permeates the entire organization. So, when in charge it is important to be respectful of others, open, balanced and honest. What grade do we give this administration for being tolerant of opposing views????

    By Matt McGuire

  15. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    Matt, I’d give the Administration (and by that I presume you mean Obama) – and no surprise here – a good grade; perhaps an A-minus. But yours could be seen as a loaded question since by their very nature “opposing’ views are at odds with one another. To be fair, one must also not confuse “tolerance” with “disagreement”.

    By Danny Lesa

  16. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    If you watch the testimony in the ongoing Congressional investigation of the IRS’s partisan activities, you might reconsider the grade of –A.

    By Bill Butler

  17. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    What else can be said – Hyder = Idiot It is really that simple, he is wrong on all his comments but what else can you expect from this miscreant?

    By Michael Talley

  18. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    ^^^ Chuckling, here we have a true believer. Never mind the IRS IG report says it happened its “fabricated”. What the GOP doesn’t understand is nothing will stick to this man, His staff will take the hit. His Presidency has to much of a legacy to future presidents of all ethnic groups to let him end up like Nixon.

    By Robert Gainer

  19. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    The boss doesn’t have to give specific orders for some things to happen. All he needs to say in public is, those pressure groups are stalling out agenda etc. Plenty of folks down the line notice the party line and do the deed. The bosses know that and enjoy the opportunity to deny any involvement in the crime.

    For a while, I had a boss who made it clear that illegal or dishonorable behavior was not acceptable. We ran a clean operation and still got the job done by working smarter.

    By Bill Butler

  20. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    It’s a fact that President Obama is black, Ed just stated the obvious in his blog. It’s a fact that he mobilized the majority of minority voters and his opinion as to why many others supported him. It’s also a fact that the number of scandals and missteps he’s made is extremely disturbing.

    Head of the treasury a tax cheat, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS, DOHS purchasing unprecedented amounts of ammunition, and who can keep track of all the others?? Questionable associations with folks like Bill Ayers, Holders refusal to prosecute New Black Panthers, refusal to release his birth certificate (which he may or may not have done), refusal to release his academic records…. the list goes on and on…

    Now he suggests the IRS isn’t his fault, doesn’t he know you can delegate authority but not responsibility??? (Surprised it’s not Bush’s fault, or maybe it is and I just missed it). If any one or even a few of these events were all that had happened under his watch.. OK, you can’t control everything in a government as big as ours. All of it together though is truly disturbing…

    By Bob Falco

  21. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    @Robert – no one denies the incidents at IRS happened. The scandal is whats fabricated.
    What scandal? What did these few low-level employees in a field office somehwere in Cincinnati do that was illegal? Stupid, inept even perhaps unethical? maybe. But not illegal. And how are they connected to POTUS? simply because they work for a govt agency? C’mon…

    @Bob – I don’t even know where to begin to reply. You’re right on one thing: one person, the President, cannot control everything. So when you say this, why do you blame him for (at the risk of repeating myself) something that happened somewhere in a field office by some low level employees? And you really don’t want to start listing or comparing “scandals” of the Bush and Obama admins. Bush is by far the clear winner in that battle.

    Finally, last few comments: I wish someone could supply “facts” and real connections to the White House for these allegations. So far, I’ve seen none. Innocent until proven guilty does not apply when Dems or Obama is involved. Just keep throwing crap against the wall…maybe something will stick. Weeks ago, Benghazi was again all the rage. Nothing came of that so GOP jumped on the AP “scandal”. Nothing there to implicate the WH so let’s try this IRS thing. When investigations prove no WH involvement there, the GOP will probably go back to Benghazi until something else pops up. While we’re at it, let’s blame Obama for the sexual abuse incidents in the military. He is the commander in chief after all so he must have ordered these or knew about them.

    I agree with ‘the buck stops here’. But not for every single incident that happens related to our government. There are approx 93,000 IRS employees and 1.5million civilian fed employees. No one can track or anticipate what any one of these people will do or say.

    By Danny Lesa

  22. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    You were nice enough to give him credits for a few, how compare Bengahzi to Watergate?>


  23. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    Danny, Once again you are drinking the kool-aid. Any time a conservative says “black”, you spit out the liberal democratic rally cry. Well you have the entire argument backwards. It’s many liberals who voted for Obama for no other reason than the color of his skin, which IS the definition of bigotry. So please STOP, STOP, STOP. Because I am against Obama’s policies, doesn’t mean I hate minorities or want to oppress them. I could care less if Obama’s skin color. That is nothing more than democratic politiking and you shamefully believe it hook, line, and sinker.

    In no uncertain terms, I can argue the better party for minorities is the Republican party. Democrats oppress minorities with programs like affirmative action. Republicans want to eliminate these biased activities and finally give minorities an environment where they advance (or not advance) based on their own skills and abilities. This is the only true way to uplift the spirit of any person, regardless of the color of their skin.

    Danny, you need to stop treating minorities like the poor unfortunate oppressed who, according to Democrats and Liberals, are incapable of bettering their own condition, unless we help them. You and your Liberal friends are the ones that still insult all of us with your subtle bigotry.

    And one more thing. You need to do some research on the vicious nasty bigots entrenched in the democratic party and other liberal circles. There are many quotes from the liberal side that I cannot put in this blog.

    By Stan VanderWerf

  24. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    Stan: It doesn’t pay to argue with a troll. No matter how strong your logic or proof they will come back with a ‘yes but’ or some pre-packaged party response. The only way to win is to ignore them.

    By Bill Butler

  25. Reposted to LinkedIn says:

    Most of America shares your concerns as I have blogged about and will continue to post conservative political viewpoints. Is this a President for ALL the American people? Based on his past and current behavior and his totally one-sided political progressive march. Throughout his complete past, and his affiliations within his administration, ALL his advisers, policy makers, union boss friends. Declaring war on conservative news outlets and personalities. He personally has expressed his disdain for Americans who “cling to their guns and Bibles” Pitting us against each other like chess pieces. He is the greatest political disappointment in my lifetime. My one and ONLY hope is that his endeavor to “transform” this country into his world view is most likely at an end due to bright light shining on his numerous scandals. No doubt new scandals to be reviled and new insight into his known scandals as investigations continue. God bless America!!!!!

    By Jeff Machtig

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