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The testimony this week of three senior State Department officials before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee could provide information that will blow the Benghazi scandal wide open, or will it be a dud?   As reported by Fox News, appearing before the committee will be three career State Department officials: Gregory N. Hicks, the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya at the time of the Benghazi terrorist attacks; Mark I. Thompson, a former Marine and now the deputy coordinator for Operations in the State Department’s Counterterrorism Bureau; and Eric Nordstrom, a diplomatic security officer who was the regional security officer in Libya, the top security officer in the country in the months leading up to the attacks.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)


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12 Responses

  1. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    In order to have an Achilles heel you first have to care about having an Achilles heel. Obama can’t run for re-election, and could not care less about his faults as a leader. He will serve out his term, push his agenda, and then leave the White House to make millions on the lecture circuit.

    By Tom Earley

  2. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    It is but the news media will try to protect him at all costs. :Lets see how the media goes out of their way to discredit the Benghazi Whistle Blowers. You know it will happen

    By Michael Talley

  3. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    Let us wait and see if those doing the asking will use the time to seek real answers or waste time with political pontification. I am hoping that some truth can come of this but past observations of political machinations by one party or the other does not give me a great deal of hope. If this congressional hearing is conducted in such a way as to get the details of who, what, when, where, how and why, then maybe we can put this “crisi” to rest. Let us see if any of these individuals plead the 5th or will tell the truth as they know it and let the chips fall where they may.

    By Roland St. Germain

  4. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    If Congress does its job, the testimony will open the doors to a cover up and scandal. If they sit there like they did with Hillary, it will go nowhere. Let’s hope we find out the truth and answers to the major questions and they appoint a special investigator. Obama and Hillary’s objective was to get past the election and fool the American people. Both have blood on their hands.

    By Charles Floyd

  5. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    I am very interested in hearing how this plays out. Personally I think its a topic that has never been given the attention it has justly deserved before now. Hopefully we will all know the truth of what happened soon.

    By Samuel Boyle

  6. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    IMHO the underlying facts of this will not/can not come out without damage to our country as a whole…I believe we were running weapons w/o Congressional knowledge or approval (or were attempting to recover weapons we had run”

    By Michael E. Homer

  7. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    No. It will be a dud. By the way, your narrative is leading and incorrect. There is no Benghazi “scandal.”

    By Kenneth Bobu

  8. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    It will be a dud as Hillary stated, “What happened in Benghazi is a mute point.” The Obama administration has placed our country lower on the respect scale.

    By Charles Rennaker

  9. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    Hogwash! The Obama Administration has not lowered our country’s international esteem one iota by what happened in Benghazi. Cowboys rush in, and foolishly in this case would have only produced more casualties and losses. The prudent response is precisely the one chosen. The fact that the Obama Administration does not shoot from the hip is exactly why our international esteem and prestige has risen during his Presidency.

    By Kenneth Bobu

    • EWRoss says:

      Kenneth: Where are you reading that our international prestige has risen during Mr. Obama’s presidency other than the White House website. Numerous polls show that America is less respected now than it was during the Bush administration. As for rushing in, an F-16 breaking the sound barrier over Benghazi would have dispersed the terrorists, prevented the attack, and saved American lives. President Obama was AWOL the night of the attack in Benghazi and his slow-motion decision making has petrified the chain of command.

  10. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    So reducing support and response protection for our ambassadorial representatives, removing embassy Marine security and apologizing to foreign countries for his failure has not lowered our countries international esteem, this may be true. However, look what it has done to our country. This is what I meant about respect.

    On the side of sending in the “Cowboys,” I believe the result would have been much different if the embassy would have had the on site services and support they should have had in the first place.

    As you said, ” The prudent response is precisely the one chosen.” There was no response!! Obama and Clinton said it was a response to a film posted about an Islamic Cartoon. Their response was an apology for the film. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!

    Kenneth, go back and check the facts and please stay on your band wagon. This gives me some humor!
    By Charles Rennaker

  11. John J. Doolan says:

    US citizens deserve some answers regarding Benghazi on what really happened, why these four people were killed and what steps can be taken to protect other diplomats. Obama and Hilary need to be upfront and offer full disclosure. That is how you prevent scandals as the cover up is usually worse than the crime. No one is in any position to say there is no scandal. There is a scandal when Hilary and others in the State Department are evasive and are in defense mode. Sending Susan Rice out on the Sunday talk shows and blaming the attack on a video is ludicrous and shows how clueless Obama really is.

    This is right out of the Obama playbook and when questioned or scrutinized, Obama deflects, attacks and then tries to destroy anyone who is not on his side. Chicago politics at its best from our inept Community Organizer in Chief. Obama is nothing more than a professional campaigner and glad hander who stands for nothing, cannot lead, cannot compromise and is a sorry excuse for a president. Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like a statesman which is pretty pathetic at best. How can anyone in their right mind and some gray matter between their ears such a shallow man who stands for nothing and does nothing to solve the problems facing our nation?

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