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I listened to former New York City Mayor Rudi Giuliani on Fox News after Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s capture say that Americans should leave worrying about terrorists to law enforcement and our intelligence services and just go about living our lives. I disagree, and I’m surprised that the Mayor of New York on 9/11/01 would say that.  (Read the  full column at EWRoss.com)


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17 Responses

  1. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    We need to take care of ourselves, the government cannot and will not do that under Obama. Any president that doesn’t believe terrorism still exists and loves the muslim brotherhood cannot be trusted to take care of us. That is one reason I don’t want them taking our guns away. I bet the people in Boston would have wanted to have guns to protect themselves. No matter how good the police are (and they are great), they just can’t prevent this kind of terrorist activity.

    By Michael Talley

  2. Bob says:

    People, especially those that live in larger metropolitan areas tend to become more vigilant and aware of their surrondings for a short period of time after a horrific attack like the one in Boston. We cannot be totally protected, even with the well trained and well equipted law enforcement that we are so fortunate to have protecting us. We should be more aware of what we see and hear. In most cases, I would have to think that somebody that is close to these people with terrorist instincts has surely detected something about them that is radical and abnormal.

  3. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    Very disappointed at Rudi ! I read his comments ref the way we see the different terrorist groups/freedom fighters and within the context of treating that Chechen islamist scumbag in Boston as an enemy combatant. I am all for it !

    By Vasili Liarakos

  4. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    @ Michael ; like you said :


    Our failed policies….towards the moslem countries. We cannot continue on treating some of them the same way.

    By Vasili Liarakos

  5. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    I agree totally Ed, who has more eyes on the street than civilians. They must become ever aware of there surroundings to be effective, too bad many have there head in the sand.

    By G.L. Rittenhouse, CAS

  6. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    A uniform approach to all Muslims would be a good idea. However, the Taliban and al Quada is a pretty hard bunch to get a track on. The various sects of the Muslims is as diverse as Christian sects.

    If only they could put aside religion and look at the human damage done by all concerned maybe, just maybe, progress could be made in a peace for all concerned. But, I ain’t holdin my breath.

    By Jim Hyder

  7. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    I would propose that for some…I repeat …for a handful of moslem / islamist countries we revamp our approach and policies.

    @ Jim ; I consider Islam as an ideology and not a religion and this is why we “infidels” should be alert and concerned. We have a problem ; a serious one.

    I do not hold my breath either but I am saying that we in the west have been too tolerant and this has got to stop. Netherlands once a very open minded country paid a dear price and decided : no more Mr Nice guy…many others follow that approach and besides in international relations reciprocity is a must. You allow me to have my churches then you get to have a mosque. You come in as an immigrant ; you have to adjust to the host and not the other way around but eh this is for another thread / post.

    By Vasili Liarakos

  8. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    If you are not ready now you never will be….look at trends, observe the climate setting in the melons of your interactions with others, stay physically, mentally and spiritually intact, pray for people, have deep faith in the power within but most of all buy a few guns and if some sucka or suckas try taking them bury em 3 feet deep like a midget…no pun intended…God bless our troops…

    By Kelly Lynch

  9. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    I am a native American and you all should be sheepish to talk about this crap of “my country.” It is really my country and you are the invaders.

    You are why I try to help the people of Palestine. The Zionists are pushing more and more to get rid of the people that have been there for over 3000 years.

    So back off. You should be grateful we didn’t have the great cannons and the small pox blankets. Before you arrived we had a society of beauty and all peoples were pretty much in harmony with each other. We had our spirits that guided us toward a very good life.

    By Jim Hyder

  10. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    @ Jim ; mixing issues is one of the anomalies of those who try to control and brainwash us.

    I just share this for your awareness as the key theme of this thread is about terrorism and wrong policies by our government—-combating terrorism and immigration as well.


    By Vasili Liarakos

  11. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    Vasili, don’t waste your breath with Hyder. He is an Obama loving liberal and there is now way you can discuss anything with using logic. This guy is a pathetic loser and your comments are too worthwhile to waste on him. Hi is a hater of the Jewish people and a lover of Palestine – what else needs to be said 😉

    By Michael Talley

  12. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    Right on the money, Ross. Another establishment yes man demonstrates his ignorance and arrogance. Giuliani needs to keep his mouth shut on subjects he is obviously clueless about.

    By David Allison

  13. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    Least we not forget it was NOT the FBI, DEA, CIA, or Police that found the last Boston bombing suspect in the boat… no, it was a civilian whom disregarded the orders to stay in doors cowering in fear and went out to have a cigarette.

    By Matt P

  14. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    Mikey, your mother called. She wants her dresses back. And her lipstick, make-up, panties, and your sister’s panities as well.

    BTW I have a deep and abiding love of Jews and their culture, but I have no respect for the Zionists that have taken over Israel and have cowed most of the American Congress through AIPAC.

    By Jim Hyder

  15. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    Hyder, I keep telling you, if you want any respect and acknowledgement at all, you have to start making sense

    By Michael Talley

  16. TC says:

    Ed, great article. People need to be more vigilant and understand that there is no survival value in denial. I have one issue with your blog. You write:

    “In the aftermath of the attack, following a brief flurry of erroneous local law enforcement leaks, the joint task force performed well, hunting down and killing one terrorist and capturing the other. Information from individual citizens helped.”

    I am wondering what you are referring to. I was there, a member of “local law enforcement,” and I wasn’t aware of any leaks by the cops. I was, however, aware of several leaks by the Feds. I may have missed something, because I wasn’t in front of a TV for several days and truthfully haven’t had the stomach to read up and get caught up. But I was in “the know,” so to speak, both on the invest and tactical operations.

    Just curious…

    • EWRoss says:

      TC. thanks for your comment. On the leaks, I’m just going by what I heard on the news from several different sources. Of course I have no way of knowing where the leaks came from. If it came from federal rather than local law enforcement I’m not surprised. Leaks are all about people engratiating themselves with reporters, and the Feds certainly aren’t beyond that.

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