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Democrats and the news media have made much of the “civil war” within the Republican Party. In the aftermath of their 2012 defeat by President Barack Obama, Republicans are bickering among themselves over what went wrong, who’s at fault, and how to revitalize the Republican brand. A much more serious war is taking place, however, between President Obama and Republicans that will determine the future of America. If Republicans want to win that war, the must lead not just obstruct.  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)


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  1. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    I think the GOP needs to be purged in the same way as it has been suggested for Congress; i.e. Fire the entire lot of them and get ALL new blood. Never mind lack of experience. It’s rather obvious what political experience does to a person, a party and/or a government.

    By Rob Taylor

  2. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Conversely. .obama must lead and stop blaminf republicans for everything that goes bad!! He sounfs more lke a a 3 year old with soiled diaper than a president. This whole sequestration crisis really exposed obama for what he is ..and isn’t. It was his idea for starts. He never admitted this and kept blaming republicans for it. Lack of integrity on obamas part. Then he has his cabinet heads travel tje country to explain how bad the sequestrartion will be wben in reality it is just a drop in the bucket. Tjey sky will not fall!! And qhen given the flexibility to allow his staff and cabinet to determine which cuts will be the smartest..obama declines. Pure lack of moral character and leadership here. Even the main stream media is starting to pick up on this…FINALLY. 4 more years is too long with this guy..I cannot say “in charge” since he refuses to lead but onlt cast blame. Very sad time in our country’s history.

    By Marc Thibodeau

  3. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Mr Obama obviously wanted the sequestration. He did not bother to push the Senate to pass a budget and fulfill their duty IAW the Constitution. One reason could be that he does not really what his supporters to see in black-and-white that he does not consider the U.S.A. as having a spending problem, but that it only has a revenue problem. As Obamacare starts to dip deeply into his supporters bank accounts and they see he wants even more of their money in taxes, they will not be very happy. I agree the Republican Party needs to take care of their business without plastering it all over the news headlines. The Speaker of the House should be demanding a budget so they have something to work from to reach intelligent cuts in spending. I do believe there are some increases in revenue we should have and a complete overhaul of the federal tax code is long over due.

    By Liz Swofford

  4. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    The president needs to lead, not campaign. The president (in name only) along with the news media and the dems love to blame everything on the Repubilcans. Obama started the sequester and now wants to blame everything on the Republicans. He can’t cut entitlements but can spend over one million dollars to golf with Tiger Woods, while his wife is vacationing in Aspen. I love how they both go their own ways and don’t travel together. Lets put the responsibility where it belongs – with the absent president.

    By Michael Talley

  5. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Maybe the Republican Party can talk to their representative Karl Rove and tell him where he can place his white board.


  6. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Ed, you are correct; as an opposition party, they must develop alternative high-probability strategies, but must absolutely not obstruct.

    By David Rich

  7. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Republicans were re-elected to Congress for a reason. I prefer they continue to “obstruct” as to mitigate the progressive agenda that is dismantling our Country.

    Compromise in any fashion is out of the question. It’s always one compromise after another, then another, then another. I’m tired of compromise. How about a healthy dose of common sense instead? We have a spending problem, that is not open to interpretation, debate or committee. Anything short of drastic cuts to the entitlement culture is unacceptable. This childish ideology of the progressive idealism is wreckless and will eventually lead to our demise.

    Americans are slowly coming to the realization that the grand experiment is over. You cannot legislate social equality, you cannot legislate innovation, you cannot legislate a trophy for every kid without serious long term repercussions.

    We have a problem in America, it’s a social problem. We abandoned our ideals and common sense for the Jersey Shore mentality and replaced intellectual integrity with googled headlines and wiki logic.

    By George Booth

  8. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    I think ALL of our Government is broke. It is time for ALL of them to get busy governing or resign. Our Rep after campaigning and winning resigned for a private job, do you think she will give back the campaign funds and her salary and benefits. I believe that we voters need to make a resolution now to “Vote out the iNCUMBENTS and clean up POLITICS” REGARDLESS HOW GOOD THEY MAY BE IN THE FIRST TERM, THEY CAUTCH Potomac fever after one term.

    By Paul Adams

  9. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Hurray for your outstanding and correct observation. Morality in this country has been replaced with Liberalism and PC.

    John Adams in a speech to the military in 1798 warned his fellow countrymen stating, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams is a signer of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and our second President.


  10. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    While we Republican are right to obstruct it is apparent that we may pay a price in 2014. And what we may see as rightfully indignant today may result programs and policies in a 2008 version of Health Care being legislated around the few remaining conservatives in the congress in 2015. We have a lovely system of checks and balances but if we are not tuned to the public we will be screaming when we have fewer and fewer voices to hold back the forces of liberalism that consumes government. It may be time to hold our nose and be smart rather than hold our heads up high as we get them handed to us next election cycle.

    By Dave Jorgensen

  11. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Dave, that’s a great point but here is the problem as I see it.

    “Tuned to the public”. What public? What poll? What sampling? The problem is we have a media and propaganda machine in the government that can produce any result you could possibly want regarding “Public Opinion” If you showed me 10 polls that said the sky was blue, I could show you ten more than say it isn’t and probably another ten that say there is no such thing as a sky.

    The media puts out statements with words like “vast majority” and “polls indicate”. The first thing I look at with polls is the last page where it lists the sampling. I don’t know what planet these folks are on, but you can’t find a “vast majority” when you sample 1,500 people by phone. It’s just common sense. Who decides the numbers to call? Who formulated the question. In my business, I don’t ask a question when I’m not 99% certain of the answer I’m getting back.

    We have people in government that are more adept at political correctness, political double-speak and obfuscation than governing. If any of us ran our business like the US government did, we’d be in prison. America needs a good old fashion slap in the face.

    We need the pain to wake us back up. We’ve become an entitlement driven complacent people. The greatest generation is all but gone and it’s been replaced by slick used car salesmen and vacuous sycophants. The Democratic party is full of obsequious sheep void of any independent thought or originality.

    We must dissent. While the progressive agenda dares to look God in the eye, around them Rome burns and we as Republicans… Conservatives watch dazed like a prize fighter wondering how to reinvent ourselves, how to bridge the divide, how to compromise….

    You know what the worst thing about new management? They always want to change the program to make it thier own. I say we go back to the party of conservative values and stop selling out our principles for a vote. We may lose elections, but eventually the rest will wake up when the pain is great enough. Then, if there is still a shred of our former Grand Ole Party we can set right the ridiculous wrongs of the petulent liberal minority.

    Never coddle a crying baby in the crib, or you’ll spend eternity repeating the same thing over and over.

    By George Booth

  12. Bob says:

    Right now our Government is divided and broken in so many ways that the general morale and confidence levels of the American people are at the lowest point since the great depression. The unwillingness of our representatives on both sides to compromise and find common solutions to our economic woes has stunted economic growth as the debt clock continues to spin out of control. The uncertainty we face in the areas of tax increases, increasing regulations, mandatory hiring practices, frivolous law suits, and complicated expensive healthcare requirements has brought small business development to a standstill. Many boomers are working way beyond their retirement age as a result of uncertanty and fear of the unknowns of future social security and medicare issues. As a result, we are not seeing a turnover in job availability. Yes, we are badly broken, and it is extremely sad.

  13. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Ed – would you like to have this an honest dialogue? If so, recognize that all of DC is disfunctional. The President was re-elected, just as the Congress was elected. Mr. Obama and Harry Reid have 2/3 of elected govt. and the GOP won a clear majority of the House. The House opposes Dem inititatives to grow debt and size and scope of govt. The Senate refuses to even take up bills from the House it opposes, to avoid exposure in votes and debates. The Senate has not produced a budget in over 4 years, and the nation has had no formal budget in this same period as a result. Mr. Obama’s budget’s have failed to even garner ANY support from the Dem controlled Senate.

    The President refuses to negotiate anything with the GOP, and the GOP refuses to accept Mr. Obama’s terms. Mr. Reid vacates his repsonsibility to the nation near fully by not even being in the game with a formal budget proposal. Thus we have fiscal cliff after fiscal cliff.

    The areas where there should be growing common ground, such as immigration reform, are bombed by the President to further divide the GOP rather than unify the parties to address a problem. I am happy to provide specifics.

    Perhaps most concerning is the past three week’s Sequester side shows. They continue even today. The President has done something I have never before seen – he has warned and blamed and built up expectation of horrible impact of A 2.5% REDUCTION IN THE RATE OF INCREASE in spending (Which still is actually increasing year to year spending) in such a way that if there is not maximum pain, he loses politically. Thus his refusal to accept more power over how to allocate the cuts to reduce impact on the needy, national defense and instead target waste, fraud, abuse and duplication of program. IOn other words, the more it hurts we the people, the more he can use the pain to attack the GOP to try to improve his chances for gaining more power in the 2014 mid-terms.

    It is bizarre. A president motivated to not decrease pain for his own gain. Denying himslef the power and refusing the responsibility to reduce spending as the law demands in the most effective manner.

    Which takes me to Bob Woodward – who was ridiculed by the White House for telling the truth. He has been fully vindicated now. The president proposed and drafted the sequester, lied about it, blamed the GOP, cut a deal in the last fiscal cliff negotiation to get the largest net tax increase in US history if he did not go for more increases in the Sequestor negotiations – and broke his promise the the GOP.

    Would you negoitiate in good faith if treated in this manner by a president literally accusing his opposition of wanting to harm the most needy? The tone is extreme and he sets it. The GOP and Congress as a whole stinks – but there is only one leader setting the tone and leading us to this mess.
    $17 trillion in debt is more than $130,000 per US family, a level almost doubled in just over four years. What has the nation gained for that cost – other than claims that without it we would be worse? The unmeasurable as a defense should not suffice.

    By Rich Brown

  14. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    A very well written article. Why can’t the Republicans take a few photos with children, grandmothers, etc? Why can’t Republicans do their infighting behind closed doors where the public can’t see it?

    By Nike Chillemi

  15. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    I have to agree with George. The problem that I see is this. We have a media that is not reporting the news; rather President Obama’s cheerleaders. For me, I am less focused on what went wrong in the last election because researchers will be analyzing this election for years to come. Rather, I am focusing on getting my Conservative message across the the next generation. Happily, I am making progress in Tennessee. Please feel free to visit my website at http://www.brendalenard.com. I am running for the United States Senate in 2014. I’m not crying oveer spilled milk; rather I have elected to join the fray!

    By Brenda Lenard

  16. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    The press e.g. media is not the one described in the 1st amendment. The press has metastasize into something more like the Parliament, tax collectors and the governors during the time of the American Colonies. Furthermore, the U.S. Supreme Court justices are similar to those who supported the Intolerable Acts foisted upon the American Colonies like wet sacks of cement. The U.S. Senate is analogous to the lap dogs of King George III, It kept the king warm and attracted the fleas.

    What type of chemo therapy and bug repellent can be made to fix or even slow down the horrible destruction to our liberty?


  17. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    @Ed.. Until any Republican that does not follow the party line.. no longer feels that they must brace for attacks from the Lumbaughs’ and Coulters (neither whom have ever held a political office) not much will change.

    Even on the Democratic side it’s a juggling act between doing what’s right and fighting to keep the job. Your representatives can’t make changes if you let them get voted out during the mid term elections.

    We need to be consistent in support no matter who your party is or the yo-yo policies that change every 2-4 years depending on who won last..will just keep going

    By Daniel L

  18. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    The past election will be analyzed for years on end for many reasons – a few are, why did a man become POTUS who can not answer undisputibly basic information questions on his birth place citizenship, why he has a dead man’s SSN from CT, why he applied for and received foriegn student college loans, and the list for such goes on…. No man before him every had such doubts about his being a natural born USA citizen…. this cloud of doubt remains to be treasonous and sad for all of us collectively.

    As for why the Repubs lost, George summed that up succinctly. Obstructionist is a propaganda word…. bag that word!

    The only cure for the horrible destruction of our liberties is to remove those in office and the courts and replace with true constitutional thinking and acting citizens. If we do not do that, and the tax and spend trend continues, we may not ever have that chance to save ourselves from repeating history once again.

    By John Leocha

  19. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    John, you have a nice smile. Who comprises a community? People. If you are skilled in manipulating emotion, crafty, have a heart,mind and skin made of Teflon and the ability of a wizard you will be able to achieve your desired goal. It is also beneficial to be surrounded by intelligent ”useful idiots”.


  20. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Andrew, thank you… from the man of steel… your comment is a bit obtuse to the conversation, perhaps not the intellect to follow you? as for useful idiots, I avoid them at all costs. I hope you use your avatar prowess to guide lost souls and useful idiots towards better states of being. Fly on Man!

    By John Leocha

  21. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Andrew you make a good point. It falls back to a lesson my father once gave me (among many). He said the ability to effectively communicate will get you further in life than anything. To that degree, Obama and his machine have been able to effectively control the population with a degree of precision it is in fact, quite scary.

    Mitt Romney lost because he allowed the other side to dictate the message and the terms of engagement. Mitt was spineless for lack of better explanation. Let’s say Obama drummed on telling half-truths and fabrications about a Chris Christy candidate, what do you think the outcome would be? I would pay to see that debate on TV… I would pay alot.

    The Democrats are masters of delivering the message to the most basic of instincts.. fear. it is easier to appeal to that base emotion than any other. What we as a party need to do is drop the PC nightmare and start calling liars, liars. In the political word we call it mis-speaking. He/She was mistaken. The excuse train runs long when politicians are called on the carpet. In our world, we fire people for mis-speaking, for being mistaken with the facts…. for lying.

    We need to have an honest discussion with America and reinstill the pride we have lost. When the government hides your food stamps on an inoccuous debit card, there is no shame…. I have lived out of my car in the past, pride and determination made taking a handout infathomable to me. That sense of pride in lost with the overwhelming convenience and anonymity of gevernment assistance. My wife’s cousin spent an inordinate time on unemployment after working for a solid year, she called it her Obama bucks… and subsequently got her master degree during her downtime….. in what you ask?

    A teacher of course!

    By George Booth

  22. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Through out history, tyranny appeared most often in the form of a single figure, the despotic monarch, but the revolutionary experience had demonstrated that the legislature also could pose a threat to liberty. This nation has gone beyond that threat. Perhaps a better approach to regaining our liberty is to ”click the ruby slippers three times” and say there is no place like home.


  23. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Andrew, John, George. As we approach the next election cycle, not that far off, we will need to ensure that we have that direct and honest discussion with the “Public”. While the media has not been kind to the conservative cause over the past several years, it appears to me that that is not new. I seem to remember conservative fiscal politics winning elections without NBC or CBS being overly generous to the Republican candidates. Besides, no matter the game, blaming the referees has never been a very fruitful endeavor regardless how onerous the calls. The problem is the Republican Party, that’s us, has distorted the message by talking out of both sides of our collective mouth on too many issues. Less government, lower taxes, are achieved by being smarter with the resource we have not being the social conscience for the uncountable varieties of “public” that will vote against you if you screw with their lives. We need to master one art that is the art of having one simple explainable point. Apparently, that is too tall an order for the current crop of political leadership in our party. Griping about the media, the president’s origin, and the dependency society that is being created while we languish outside the reins of political power are all just reinforcing the negative stereotype we need to put behind us. Better, Smarter, Faster, Cheaper should be the creed, not taking things away from people that are left on the public dole after this recession. The message must be positive or we will be blogging away in 2 years explaining how the entitlement society elected another round of liberalism and is killing the America we have.

    By Dave Jorgensen

  24. I agree with the central theme of this post. The Republicans need to develop strategies that put them into positions of leadership on the issues. There is nothing to be gained for pointing fingers over the election losses. Keeping the defense on the field all of the time will not win the hearts and minds of American. Republicans need to shed the label of being obstructionists.

  25. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Dave, Thanks so much for your insight it’s really appreciated. However, I must wholeheartedly disagree with you on a number of key points you made.

    The media has never in History been so blatently biased in a Political election as these last two. The level of shameless propagandizing reminds me of Baghdad Bob during the Gulf War 2. Dan Rather with his forged Bush documents, Chris Mathews with a tingle up his leg, Keith Olbermann, Rachael Maddow, and the liberal list goes on and on and on.

    These “news” outlets reach millions. Often misquoted and mis represented piece from Mein Kampf is what Hitler refered to as the “Big Lie Idea.” The misquotation is as follows but is practiced every day in today’s media and administration. “Tell the lie, tell it big, repeat it and people will believe it.”

    Benghazi was a demonstration gone wild (remember the debate when the moderator reinforced the lie for Obama?). Fast and Furious was started by Bush. The sequester was a Republican idea. Republicans are obstructionists. Republicans would have Granny die in the streets. If you are against amnesty you are a racist. If you are against tax hikes you are a corporate fat-cat. If you question the President, you are a racist.

    I believe we are capable of having a singlular explainable point. That point should be one of common sense and personal responsibility. The problem lies with the spin doctors that take the idea you should pull yourself up by the boot-straps to mean, “They hate poor people and they are going to take your entitlements and put you on the street.”

    The problem isn’t the message, it’s controling the message and holding others accountable for when they try and spin it. If I say we need to put up borders with Mexico there are a plethora for reasons behind that statement. Security, spiraling costs of illegals heathcare, job loss. etc etc etc… The message the “news” puts out is the plight of the migrant worker is being trampled on by heartless Republicans who hate people of dark skin and want to throw them all over the border at gun point. THE MESSAGE ISN’T OUR PROBLEM, it’s the courage to say it how it should be said. With blunt honesty and conviction.

    Better smarter faster in a liberal’s mind means; elitist, corner cutting, polluting, corporate raider squeezing the public for every last dime while firing granny from her job and making grandpa work a few more of his twilight years.

    It matters little what our message is, it’s having the courage to stand up to con men that want to spin our message into Goebbel-esk propaganda. Joe Wilson tried it, he was formally reprimanded for speaking the truth 240-179 by his own House. Does the health care bill cover illegal immigrants? Sure does…. Joe Wilson knew it, he had the courage to call BS and he paid a price for it.

    By George Booth

  26. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Obama’s out of control spending will ruin our country. The GOP is only trying to save our country. Just ask yourself the
    question who is going to pay off our current $17 Trillion in debt. Will it be you.
    What will be the affect of all this debt? Just look at Europe that is your answer .

    By Leon P Rehak,CPA, MBA

  27. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Excellent critique George. Will we stand our ground like the signers of the Declaration? ”And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”


  28. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Not quite Andrew, while I admire your passion or hersey’s syrup thick sarcasm; this isn’t a new idea or venture or grandios charge into the unknown, it’s clinging to an already bought and paid with blood sacrifice that generations before entrusted to us.

    The select few in government have pissed on the proverbial grave of our fathers and forefathers who insured us the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not cell phones, food stamps, subsidized housing and paying people not to work. Our Country has become a politically correct nursery full of dreamers and empathizers hell bent on making the successful feel guilty and the poor feel victimized. Our national “pride” is a punch-line in a bad joke.

    S&M appreciation parades in San Francisco, full nudity in public infront of our children used under the guise of “freedom of expression”. Urine filled painting of Christ is “art” and you just don’t understand the message… spare me the petulent BS! We’ve regressed as a nation into spoiled brats screaming the “what about me” culture of envy and sloth.

    I don’t pledge my life to anyone but my family, God and those that surround me, maybe the rest of America could try doing the same.

    By George Booth

  29. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    George, I too stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; however, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has now received an acceptable, generational, degenerated definition because of the immorality. What this country needs is a 3rd Awakening or Revival. When the deceitful and desperately wicked heart of a nation changes, good appears, Without the fear of the Living God and the knowledge of the consequences for violating His laws, our Constitution will not survive. And I don’t much care what Karl Rove places on his stupid white board.


  30. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    The Republican Party has to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. People all across America continue to be victimized by left-wing extremists. These lost souls cry out in the wilderness for justice with the GOP turning a blind eye to crimes against humanity going on just below radar. Mainstream Denocrats look the other way because these extremists back their candidates, and they represent a crucial voting block. The Republicans go along with enabling domestic terrorists who do everything in their power to keep them from getting elected.

    By Beth Ruegg

  31. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Danny, you may be right on the claim about 163 treaties. Upon further research, that number cannot be substantiated. But you are patently wrong on the GOP dismissing or fighting everything Obama suggests. While there are many examples where the GOP has compromised more than halfway only be be snubbed by Obama….may I offer the latest example. The GOP passed a bill in the house giving Obama the flexiblity to place the sequestration cuts against programs as seen fit by Obama, vice the current law of a peanut butter spread against all programs. This would have allowed the Administration to kill some programs in their entirety in order to save others. But the democrats in the Senate killed that. So don’t blame the GOP for that one. It would have helped Obama minimize the pain of sequestration, and the Senate democrats killed it.

    By Stan VanderWerf

  32. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Here is my opinion, the administration has no interest in making any movement forward since it will only weaken their position for the future and the elections that will elect a Republican since the current coarse is going no where. How ever the House needs to be more public in their views and positions so that more people realize the details that are not apparent and not open and transparent as they should be.

    By Ernie Oliveira

  33. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    If we have to have political parties – and I’m convinced we’d be better off without them – the GOP needs to be either disbanded, or crushod, and replaced with a truly separate conservative party that truly cares for the country and it’s people. Not just the right wing of the Republicrat/Demublican party. There are, after all, not two political parties in this country. Only one with two wings that take turns screwing up the country then blaming the other wing. However, I can only wish, and say, “Good luck with that”. Unless something like that happens, and soon, we can kiss the U.S.A., as we know and love it, goodbye.

    By Rob Taylor

  34. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Both sides must compromise. All Americans who pay taxes just had a tax increase, now the President wants more taxes. I believe the increased revenue was a compromise. Now lets cut big government and fix the tax code with a Flat Tax, keeping all Americans Equal percentage wise on supporting the USA. Equality for All.

    By Al Zimmerman

  35. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln is now called the Party of the stupid. The once progressive Party of Emancipation has regressed into the stone age and hence out of touch with America. Republicans fail to understand that United States is diversified and multi-ethnic. The Republican Party has often assert that they need to take their “Message” to the American People. On the contrary, the Republican Party needs to listen to and serve the will of American People rather than serve the elites, big businesses, and special interest groups. Get back to being the party of inclusivity rather than being the party of exclusivity. This is hard to do when the Republicans are being led by a bunch angry, entrenched, fanatical, old white people.

    By Dr. Rudy Sookbirsingh EP (EM, E&T, R&D, GHG).

  36. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Absolutely. Nothing about “good” policy, rather it’s all about winning the House in 2014.
    Keep standing. Remain the “grown ups.” Roger, GOPsters are all over the map on social policy issues, but fairly coherent WRT dealing with long term debt and deficit. If previous “compromises” (Reaga, Bush-Sr, and Newt) had materialized the agreed to restraint in entitlement growth, we’d be in terrific shape, financially.
    Now – Look at the 10 states and cities with most debt. Look at 10 cities with highest crime. Google it. CA is on it’s way to collapse. Detroits tanking. The mecca of current leadership, Chicago is not far behind. I actually heard a Dem pundit talking about Mitt leading a “conservatorship” of Detroit IOT to “save it.” Ironic. I also heard Dianne Sawyer beaming about the market growth being a sign of strength, it’s not. It’s a reflection of our growth of money supply. GOPsters need to keep being themselves, defend liberties, defend policy/laws based on individual rights and liberties. Resist the “progressive” movement towards all policy based on some sort of social management by groups. It’s never worked, with the Soviets proving the truth.

    By Joe H Parker

  37. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Was Rand Paul being an obstructionist or guardian of our constitutional rights?

    By Lu Ann Trevino

  38. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Sen. Paul was exercising his rights per Senate rules and in doing so creating the needed debate on how much power a President should have under the constitution. The ability to assaninate US citizens on US soil with no due process is a very tricky issue. And it has many on the left and right agreeing, while many more in the center defending the President and Justice Dept. The reasoning that the President has no “plans to” use this power is hardly a legal basis to grant that immense power with no checks and protections to the citizen.

    By Rich Brown

  39. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    That’s my point, one man’s obsturctionist is another’s great leader and guardian.

    By Lu Ann Trevino

  40. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Had to think about this “Starbuck cafe” scenario for awhile. If we can locate an American or foreign terrorist at the cafe, with the usage of a armed survellience drone, just call the local cops to pick him up. Am I wrong ?


  41. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Why do folks always take on Parties rather than the Issues. A Good Negotiation is a compromise and it seems like the extremes are in charge. We need to get to real debate with give and take. Taxes have been raised. Spending has been cut (not in a sensible way, but cut) so cut more spending and fix the Tax Code, so the USA can flourish.

    By Al Zimmerman

  42. Reposted from Linkedin says:

    Sad to say Our Democratic Republic is badly corrupted by big money buying political/tax favors. Politicians continually running-begging money big money supporters who get special favors/taxbreaks in return. RepublicanParty worse offender protecting many billions $$ tax breaks big corporations/wealthy tax privileges. See Senator Bernie Sanders courageous single handed fight against such corruption )@SenSanders. Also, Warren Buffett speaks the truth of the situation.Tax Code written by Lobbyists Tax Lawyers going through “revolving door”. IMHO, 80/20 Principle applies to National Politicians i.e., 80% of our politicians have been bought off by special&foreign interest and serve their self interest versus national interest ! Their self interest is getting re-elected ! Need: Term Limits Representatives 2x4yr terms;Senators 2x6yrterm;President 2x4yrs;Revolving Door Reform;

    Lawmakers writing laws versus Lobbyists; and Campaign Finance Reform Soliciting Big Money. Up to u & me us/all be outraged – political corruption power and hubris.
    Fortunately there is the 20% representing “we the people” Vote the rests of politicians out and demand reform of new candidates running for US !

    By Al LeBlanc

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