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Resistence is futile.

President Barack Obama has Republicans in Congress on the ropes; and he intends to pummel them mercilessly until they agree to raise taxes on the most successful Americans. Republicans only have themselves to blame, however, for the predicament they are in. (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)


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8 Responses

  1. Willy says:

    Ed, Ed maybe the Republicans do have themselves to blame but I believe it is due to the Tea Party. Due to what I call ” The Tea Party Pledge” many GOP members of the Congress elected in 2010 fight the Speaker at every turn when it comes to comprise. I think you give the Dems and the mainstream media too much credit. The state governments are working better because GOPmembers of the state legislatures are not so closely tied to the Tea Party (at least I think so.)

  2. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    LinkedIn Group: Young Republicans



    I totally agree with what you had to say.

    A couple of other important issues that need to be brought out to the attention of conservative Republicans, is that the Republican Party has been hijacked by a bunch of liberal RINO’s. The true conservatives, and I for one, are the fault for the way the Republican Party has become.

    If true conservatives stood their ground and held true to the core principles of the Republican Party, the GOP would be in a more stronger position than what it is today.

    I also believe that it is time for new and stronger leadership in the GOP. It needs to start from the very top in Washington and trickle-down to the state parties, to the County Republican Party’s, and finally to the individuals themselves. It is time for the good old boy network in the RNC to GO.

    When conservatives start taking back to what was once theirs and recruiting strong conservative candidates for office, they will win back the GOP and regain elected offices for which they are losing left and right.

    My firm has begun the process of hosting a huge International conference to be held here in Chicago the summer of 2013. ” The Reality of a Political Management and what it takes to run for Political Office”.

    This will be a three day seminar structured for conservatives around the world who are interested in learning the realities of campaigns, what it takes to run for political office, and spreading the conservative values and the importance of reaching out to all groups of people globally.

    It is time for this country to return back to the values on which we were founded upon.

    Maurice Bonamigo

    Maurice Bonamigo & Associates
    Telephone: (312) 527-2880 Chicago
    Mobile: (312) 402-3797
    Facsimile: (561) 658-3718
    Email: maurice@mauricebonamigo.com
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    Websites: http://www.mauricebonamigo.com
    Posted by Maurice Bonamigo

  3. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    LinkedIn Group: Campaign for Liberty


    Good article Ed. My growing feeling, however, is that John Boner SHOULD go ahead and cave it, then, when the President’s plan fails, the pendelum will reverse. It isn’t rocket science to know that Obummer’s tax increases won’t cut the mustard for very long, but by the same token, those increases won’t put the top 2% out on the street, and it would give the Dems enough rope to hang themselves.

    Posted by Rob Taylor

  4. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    LinkedIn Group: POLITICAL WORLD


    I am not sure if the republicans are bad like that but I see how Obama increase year by year the national debt
    Words ? Everybody talk trash at election, but I believe what I see as fact

    Posted by costin rusu

  5. Reposted Fromm LinkedIn says:

    LinkedIn Group: Fox News Networking Group


    THEY NEED TO ELECT LT COL ALLEN WEST AS THEIR CANDIDATE FOR PRES. ALSO THEY NEED TO STOP FUNDING OBAMA WHO’S SPENDING ALL OUR MONEY IN FACT HE’S ALREADY SPENT IT ALL WE’RE BORROWING 46 cents on the dollar. He only cares for spending our money (taxing). He’s going to tax everybody while saying he’s only going to tax the rich (the successful).

    Posted by Michelle Birdsong

  6. Reposted Fromm LinkedIn says:

    LinkedIn Group: POLITICAL WORLD


    I hope he keeps on keeping on Costin

    Posted by Alex Haak

  7. Reposted Fromm LinkedIn says:

    LinkedIn Group: U.S. Veteran


    Nicely writtin Ed. I doubt O’Reilly could have said it any better, although I’m sure he would have said it exactly the same.

    Posted by Bob Schecter

  8. Norman McGill says:

    I still say that ,had the Republicans in power for the 8 years with Bush, done something to stop the tremendous influx of illegals during that time,could have avoided the huge expense these people have cost us and been able to retain the integrity of the Republican party to a much higher level.
    Not only are there too many people sucking up tax dollars,there are too many people voting to maintain this government handout. There are way more people getting social security and medicare than ever paid into it and it’s part of what’s sinking our ship. The rest is just government spending on junk items,earmarks and taking care of other countries that don’t like us unless we pay them. Screw that. Charity starts at home and we have more than enough people to take care of here first.

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