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When I was two-years old I tried to run across a busy street and was hit by a car. I remember that incident vividly. It’s my earliest childhood memory. Last week I was hit by a freight train, and I won’t forget that experience either. To describe most conservatives as stunned by Barack Obama’s reelection victory is an understatement. It simply defied our common sense that Americans would return the President to office given his record, the state of the U.S. economy, and the prospects an Obama second term portends for the future. (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)


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  1. Peter Dai says:

    Great article, Ed. I totally share your view, but life must move on, hopefully not to despair! Peter Dai

  2. James Puritz says:

    President W. Bush had the right idea when he proposed bi-partisian immagration reform that was stopped by the conservative branch of the Republican Party. Immagine what it would have been like if many of the hispanics voting last week were thinking the Republican Party were responsible for the path to prosperity for them and their familys rather than the party that hated them a la the Arizonia law.

    I suggest that folks thinking of running for office make a trip to Texas to talk to President Bush and get some advice on immagration policy.

  3. Ron Naida says:

    Ed, I could not agree with you more.

    One thing you left out is the political and economic ignorance that many of these voters share. Most vote on emotion with little understanding of global politics and down the road effects that a president’s decisions have on future generations.

    Just think of the success Lincoln and Washington’s decisions and perseverance had on our history. Lincoln was not a very popular man and Washington’s popularity was so above and beyond that many of the voters (white men) wanted to make him king. In those days, many more voters were illiterate and had little understanding of economics, social issues, and foreign policy. Today, it is much more complicated and yet relevant but our average citizen bases their decisions on information from opinions, rumors, and media.

    So are we headed for doom?

  4. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    LinkedIn Group: Campaign for Liberty


    American society has become much more complex, which makes everything much harder for everyone, which may be the primary reason why some people opt to be taken care of these days. I know that tyranny equals decreased opportunities, and that freedom equals increased options.

    Posted by Beth Ruegg

  5. Reposted from LinkedIn says:

    LinkedIn Group: Conservatives of America


    Ed, that was a very good article, however I cannot share your relative optimism with you.

    We are in a heap of trouble and it is all out there for realists to see. It is just that many haven’t come to terms with the devastating nature of what has been happening so they will keep on fooling themselves in to believing that there is still hope.

    I come to this from the view point of a classicist. I am a life long student of political philosophy and history. I never stop asking questions – even ones regarding my deeply held convictions – because that is the only intellectually honest approach there is. So, using facts, logic and empirical evidence, here is the case in a nutshell.

    FACT: Progressive movement has weakened the structure of America for over 100 years now. In other words, fundamental transformation had started long time before Obama’s parents were even born; let’s not kid ourselves! Obama is simply the latest in a long line of grim reapers who have robbed the soul of America. He just happened to step on the accelerator little harder than his predecessors.

    FACT: They OWN education, media, entertainment, and the bureaucracies at all levels of government. So they control indoctrination of children, propaganda by the media, what people watch on T.V. and cable, and what people receive from government.

    FACT: They are more politically dedicated and MUCH better funded, organized, and unfortunately disciplined than their opposition. They are ruthless, to boot. Also they have the global community behind them as freedom (as we understand it) is a strange concept to almost everyone else.

    FACT: Over 40% of all Americans now recieve federal assistance of some type or another. 47% do not pay federal taxes and if you add those with progressive mindset on top of that, the group represents a clear plurality of the electorate.

    FACT: They have made electoral fraud in to an art form. Some estimates are that up to 3 or 4% of all votes cast are fraudulent. Besides, thanks to Soros’ Secretary of States project, they control that key position in all the critical states so that their fraud cannot be effectively challenged.

    FACT: The flow of immigrants to this country, who were coming here because of the liberties we guaranteed them, stopped over half a century ago. Today’s immigrants come here primarily to benefit from the welfare state that has been set up.

    FACT: No matter how much the GOP panders to the hispanic vote, they will NEVER have it. Proof is in how many votes Reagan and George Herbert Bush got. They did very badly despite having passed amnesty. As long as the GOP advocates self reliance, today’s minorities will shun it. Period.

    So, those talking big (like some in the conservative punditry or the GOP itself), trying to motivate the troops are whistling through the graveyard.

    As for me, I do not believe any amount of effort will be enough to turn this nation around. The damage done is overwhelming, and short of progressives disappearing from earth, cannot be undone. You see, our nation is fundamentally flawed now because the left has structurally weakened it over the past century. It is, therefore, nothing but idealistic to think that 100 years worth of damage, considering those progressives who created it are much more resolute and organized than their opposition, can be undone in time to save us. Titanic has already been struck and three quarters under water. There is no saving it. The only realistic choices are between listening to the band as the ship goes under in to the abyss, or salvaging what can be salvaged (those red states that are reliably red like TX, UT, WY. ND, SD, etc.).

    We are simply out of time. My efforts would thus be better spent promoting the idea of secession.

    Posted by Kerem Oner

  6. EWRoss says:

    Ron, Never give up.

  7. This post gives the reader a sense of sadness and resignation over the election results. President Obama won reelection and he should be congratulated for the victory. The President started off with an advantage; he was a sitting president and the presumptive candidate of the Democrats.

    Let’s dispense with the pleasantries and all efforts to be politically correct. You might be constrained by these limitations; I can assure that I am not.

    America took a monumental and historical step forward when electing a black president. This is a fact that all Americans should embrace and be proud of. Yet, as President of the United States, Barack Obama had the opportunity to forever change race relations in this country. Instead he chose not to upset his Party’s liberal wing by bringing up issues that might cause racial divisiveness. Republicans out of fear for being labeled as racists also avoided any debate of these sensitive topics. Would a White president been issued a free pass on any issue?

    The post-election news incorrectly proclaimed the raise of a new grass roots rainbow coalition. The American White liberal Democrat voted for the President without any hesitation because they wanted to control the nation agenda and would never do anything to upset their “so-called” black partners. This demographically shrinking group is less educated then their parents and struggles to match their parents’ economic success.

    Your comment about the Hispanic factor is partially correct, though not fully developed. The Hispanics -not all of them or those not of Mexican heritage- voted for President Obama because he was non-White. They are going to twist his arm on the issue of illegal immigration. This in-your-face approach was evident by the City of L.A. deciding to issue identity cards to its undocumented aliens. The block of Hispanics that supported Obama’s reelection bid are led by competent, politically astute and trusted leaders. I do not believe that they are going to give the President or Democrats any leeway in not fulfilling their promise to “legalize” the undocumented aliens.

    Lastly, black Americans voted as their community leaders requested. Obama won reelection by transferring the powerful Chicago Democratic machine model to the national stage. The mentality of too many blacks is to forget the significance of their vote and the “what have you done for me lately” requirement in robo-voting for the black candidate. How anyone, regardless of their skin color, could have voted for AWOL Congressman Jessie Jackson or his embattled and irrelevant New York colleague, Charles Rangel, is beyond me.

    The next four years will expose the fact that this coalition was never a banding together on the political-philosophical level.

    The Democrats constantly do well in the urban areas. Why? They engage in deficit spending to fund wasteful entitlement programs. The mega-storm Sandy, its immediate aftermath and the rebuilding of New York City and parts of Long Island and New Jersey will force changes in the Democratic Party that no Republican effort could bring about. To hasten these changes all the Republicans have to do is let the terms of the 2011 Budget Control Act to come into play. President Obama’s signature transformed the bill into law; a law that would severely limit his ability to fund his promises to his many supporters.

    Romney’s time had not yet come. He ran a courageous campaign that was based upon the issues and not the personality or character of his opponent.

  8. Bill Jordan says:

    The win wasn’t surprising when we closely examine what Obama has managed–the creation of an entitled electorate a’la Juan Peron in 1947 Argentina. Peron brought campesionos into urban areas from the estancias and farms, gave them low-level government jobs and increased government benefits to the point of fierce, unyielding loyalty to him and his governing apparatus.

    This required larger more unwieldy government organs–even czars, albeit in uniform– to manage this newfound largess and eventually Argentina, once the fourth or fifth richest nation in the world, colllapsed under the economic strain. This collapse had a sympathetic rendering that forced a continued string of repressive military dictatorships until the Falklands War. This is the model Obama adopted, and only careful monitoring and positive action will prevent it from happening in the U.S.

    What’s more surprising is the acquiesence of so many American upper middle class affluent voters who bought into this concept, some very accurately detailed in the article and posts. The answer to this acquiescence is demographic shifts and interests that the Republicans were loath–or unwilling–to recognize.

    Now the challenge is for the Republican party to shake this off, keep their conservative and patriotic framework as the locus of the party, but recognize–and adapt–to moderating forces and the new electorate. They must also shake off the Bush legacy of spreading U.S.–style democracy in badly misjudged conflicts. U.S. style democracy being Ohio, Florida and a few other high electoral vote possessing centrist states, elect the chief exercutive–a flawed process in a flawed two-party system, one which reduces an already non-functioning Congress to even greater depths of uselessness.

    Finally, although I didn’t vote for the President, I wasn’t happy about his opponent being from a tax-ruthless and elitist New England state, one of the most liberal leftist extant.

    Or as I told people asking about my political views on the election, I replied: “kind of like the Air Force-Navy game…I hope they both lose…:” unfortunately, that wasn’t possible.

    • EWRoss says:

      Very insightful comment, Bill. Thanks much

      • Bill Jordan says:

        Thanks, Ed…I believe blogs like this–and yours in particular–punch above their weight, as they say in the ring…seems like yours has extreme positive traction; one thing that bothers me is the lack of action from good Republican Congressional leaders…it would be easy for a couple of them to sponsor a bill to stop the Afghan pullout until the U.S. prisoner Beau Bergdahl is released; the Seal Team 6 hysteria has masked the fact that no U.S. military prisoner has been freed by direct military action since WWII…I miss that old post-Vietnam activism when bipartisan committess were enacting the War Powers Act and other significant legislation; none of that is happening now, hence Americans can’t see any usefulness for the Republican party; something along this line may be food for thought for another interesting column…
        off to Japan on November 27 for the annual exercise; back 13 Dec…maybe after the holidays we can readdress the Vietnam issue…think General Dynamics is very interested…
        best regards,

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