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If Gov. Romney wins the 2012 presidential election, and I believe he will, he faces a challenge that goes beyond reviving the stalled U.S. economy and restoring America’s power, access and influence around the world. He must broaden the base of the Republican Party by winning over voters from Democratic constituencies that helped bring progressivism to the brink of fundamentally transforming (ruining) America. (Read the full column at EWRoss.ccom)


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  1. Reposted from LinkediIn says:

    LinkedIn Group: Council for Emerging National Security Affairs

    Discussion: AFTER THE 2012 ELECTION

    A very provocative read indeed, particularly regarding your suggested call for conservative engagement in academia.

    Posted by Eric Ham

  2. I read this piece with great interest. Only a person with intellectual courage and a gift for persuasion could, at the same time, criticize and encourage the Republic Party. I agree with this post’s central theme that the future of the Republican Party rests with its ability to take its message directly to the Democratic bastions of power. The Republican Party should preach a message that always includes the benefits of the entrepreneurial spirit. LBJ’s great society has crumbled under the fallacy that enormous governmental expenditures would break the vicious cycle of poverty that has shackled America’s blacks. Each day there is some pronouncement that Hispanics are the faster growing minority. Yet; it is the poorer, uneducated and culturally isolated Hispanic that occupies the lower rungs of the economic ladder and whose birthrate is simply out-of-control. There is a new generation of Americans who are non-black and not White. This group includes first and second generation Hispanics, Asians, Arabs and Indians, to mentions just a few, who are striving to archive the American dream This diverse group are reluctant to share their success with American’s who want to live off of governmental subsidies and assistance. They see big government as redistributed their wealth with those who do not deserve it. These are the Americans that the Republican Party must win over. Gov. Romney has taken the first step towards the resurrection of the Republican Party in that he seeks a dialogue on even the historically tabooed issues.

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