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Republican and Democratic national conventions once were exciting and unpredictable. The nominees may already have been determined, but you never knew what might happen. Now they’re all about production values and absence of controversy; but will at least one of the conventions that will take place during the next two weeks be a throwback to a bygone era?  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)


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  1. This post discusses a theme that most pundits and political strategists seem to avoid discussing. I agree that unlike in 1968 there is no perfect political storm brewing in 2013. The Republican and Democrat nominations conventions should be free of the violent and intense protests of forty years ago. Those protest were driven by events and protesters whose ideological views were based on an intellectualism that is missing in today’s protest politics. In my opinion OSW was not, is not and never will be a sustained political movement. It was (past tense) nothing more than a series of protests coupled with a nostalgic view of sit-ins and occupations. Once Mayor Bloomberg cleared out Zuccottti Park OWS became homeless; lost its political calling card. The sister protests in other parts of the country soon unraveled. Would relatively young solidly middle class white OWS supporters risk their political status as legitimate protectors of the 99% by criticizing a black President Obama? As long as the President does not discuss publically any issue that can reasonably be interpreted as being racially based, no white Liberal will risk antagonizing Obama’s black supporters. I think if President Obama was just seen as the President and not a “Black President,” most of America regardless of race would be jumping up and down over the state of the nation’s economic affairs. American blacks would be the loudest in voicing their displeasure over the state of the economy and their higher than average rate of employment. America showed that it was ready to elect a black to the nation’s highest office. Yet, Americans, especially white Liberals, are not yet ready to judge its black President solely upon his accomplishments or failures without factoring in his race.

  2. Reposted From LinkedIn says:

    LinkedIn Group: Friends of Republican Candidates (The FORCE)


    I believe that the liberal natives are getting restless and worried and predict violence in different places and times before November.

    Am I the only one who believes Obama is going to forgive all school loans in October?

    Posted by ED LaFleur

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