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By selecting Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate Gov. Romney has dramatically shifted gears and changed lanes in his bid for the White House. Gov. Romney has made a bold, some say risky, decision, making this election now about diametrically opposed policy choices rather than a referendum on President Barack Obama’s presidency and who is best equipped to lead the nation.  Which nominee wins depends on how the majority of Americans see themselves. Are we a nation of risk takers, entrepreneurs, and people in control of our own destinies, or have we ceded all that to dependence on government?  (Read the full column at EWRoss.com)


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  1. LinkedIn Group: The Heritage Foundation


    Good piece. The Ryan choice may have been Romney’s wisest move to date. There is little left to be said against BHO; it’s all been said already, and those who haven’t been already persuaded about his incompetence or chicanery just aren’t listening, or perhaps even in approval. On the other hand, there are many who would rather not see what they do at the gas pumps, grocery stores, and bank accounts; we can hope they are enough in number to be awakened.

    Posted by Ronald Bouwman

  2. LinkedIn Group: U.S. Veteran


    Sorry Ed, sounds like you got most of it from Fox. Not one of your better blogs.

    Posted by Bob Schecter ★

  3. LinkedIn Group: U.S. Veteran


    Bob, you complain about Fox News, but I do not believe any of the television news networks are reliable or believable. They all have angles. I can tell you the conclusion of any of their political reports the minute they begin.

    Posted by John O. Meekins

  4. This post offers logical reasons why Romney chose Ryan as his VP. Ryan adds a factor of credibility to Romney’s platform to bring under control debt spending and out of control entitlement programs. Based upon his own record on the issue Ryan is well positioned to defend the Republican platform. President Obama campaigns around a strategy of criticizing Romney. I do not remember a presidential election where the incumbent did not campaign on some accomplishment of his administration. The presence of Ryan on the ticket will slowly move this campaign for the White House towards a debate on the issues and not Romney’s success as a venture capitalist. As a nation that was built upon the private entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens, it is ironic that Democrats are so quick to criticize personal success. The strategy that pits rich vs. poor is based upon the belief that nothing can be done to reduce poverty.

  5. Reposted From Linkedin says:

    LinkedIn Group: US Military Veterans Network


    Thanks for a sane and spot on analysis of Romney’s choice and what the next 85 days should bring. The one thing I keep reminding all of my moderate friends from both sides, is that we cannot become complacent in believing that with the conservative control of the House, and very close control in the Senate we do not need to worry about whether Obama gets re-elected or not. Please, please keep in mind that the next President will nominate between one and four Justices of the Supreme Court. Any moderate should ask themselves what the Bill of Rights will look like after 30 years of decisions by a court packed with opinions like Justice Ginsburg’s.

    Posted by David Marquette

  6. Reposted From Linkedin says:

    LinkedIn Group: The Heritage Foundation


    You right, Ed, “Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan can win this election by convincing American voters their reform agenda will improve their lives”.

    And as Charles Krauthammer wrote in his recent column: “Ideas matter. The 2010 election, the most ideological since 1980, saw the voters resoundingly reject a Democratic Party that was relentlessly expanding the power, spending, scope and reach of government. It’s worse now.”

    And I really would like to believe that most of Americans understand what’s at stake at this election. But as somebody who have worked in quite a few election campaigns, I’m afraid, this election once again will be about politics, not policies.
    Romney/Ryan team and GOP, above all, have a lot of work to do and, first, of all, they have to become the ones who frame the arguments, not the ones who respond to the other sides arguments.

    And I hope, different PACs will be more active bashing Obama and reminding all the questions about his past that left un-answered, like college records and tuitions. Conservative PACs shouldn’t be shy, because Obama’s unapologetic supporters aren’t.

    It’s a tough game, but the winner of this election will change America.

    Posted by Rosseta Vingeviciute-Wilbur

  7. Bob says:

    It seems that Romney’s campaign has lacked real excitement and has not been very dynamic prior to his choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate. Everyone knows the sad state of our economy including spending, borrowing, national debt, unemployment, and so much more that needs an immediate and realistic plan to right it. It is always exciting when a running mate is chosen and it puts the media in high gear for a while until some time and additional campaigning has taken place.

    We all know that president Obama has the burden of explaining his lack of fulfilling most of his campaign promises concerning our economy that he made during the 2008 race for the White House. He is now in the same defensive mode that the GOP was put in after president Bush’s term ended. It was relatively easy for “Senator Obama” to blame Bush, but who can “President Obama” blame now? Like him or not though, he is above average at campaigning and will probably figure out a strategy, loaded with scare tactics,primarily about health care and social security issues for the elderly.

    This 2012 presidential election could possibly be one of the most important elections in modern history, and we can’t afford for it to be another popularity contest. The biggest mistake the Romney/Ryan camp can make is to promise more than can be realistically accomplished in their first term if elected. A realistic and plausible approach, especially concerning the elderly, must be employed during the next critical eighty five days.

  8. Reposted From Linkedin says:

    LinkedIn Group: US Military Veterans Network


    According to a poll just released, the Ryan choice has moved seniors into approving the ticket by 16% – showing almost half of seniors (like myself) see Ryan’s plan as a positive for the election of the Romney ticket.

    There were other improvements in standing by other demographic groups too… some more, some less – though all on the double-digit range..

    Most came from the undecided category of registered voters.

    Posted by Nick Snyder, Sr.

  9. Reposted From Linkedin says:

    LinkedIn Group: U.S. Veteran


    Fox-News reports are as near truth possible. What I want to know before election is what happened to the guns and ‘fast and furious’. Who has blood on their hands? Why is the blood on those hands, and how much money changed hands? Who’s hands where. When fear knows on the door and Faith answers who is there? Nobody! Someone needs to be head accountable before exextion. First start making wit-Holder tell the truth, as Obama’s right hand man he may not know how to be honest no matter what. You remember, Obama wanted to build a Moss on Twin Towers land. His fruit shows his beliefs and he follows Ola. Talk about a line in the sand Christians!!!….

    The best for The Sovereign Nation of United States of America is to restore order, and enforce the then current laws. Repeal Obama Car. And everything the communist party in the White House has done. Back to the drawing Board with Romney &


    Sputnik Man,
    Rodney M.
    Posted by Rod Mc

  10. Reposted From Linkedin says:

    LinkedIn Group: Center for a New American Security


    We are at a do or die economic crossroads in the history of the United States of America.

    We got four Good Men running for the two highest offices of the USA.

    Two are very well liked with lots of Charisma and no Math.
    Two are not so very well liked (at least by the ladies) and has lots, and lots of Math.

    Two with the Chrismal wants to represent the USA.
    The two with the Math wants to lead the USA

    Posted by Paul Katchings

  11. Reposted From Linkedin says:

    LinkedIn Group: Center for a New American Security


    To be sure, the two parties have two different visions for the US. The sad thing is that both parties have not framed the problems so us citizens can make a good decision. The PAC money has totally corrupted our political system. We need informed citizens but we are now getting only emotional messages.

    Selection of Ryan, bold. Don’t think so. Ryan does bring a vision to the Romney campaign. The vision is based on theories that were for another time, not tomorrow.

    I been watching campaigns in the 1950 and this campaign season is a mess. The Dems want us to trust them because they are getting better at governing. Republican trust us because they have done nothing in the past 4 years and won’t take any responsibility for their own part in this current mess.

    Hate-since this administration has come to power, the NEOCON, Tea Party and Republicans in general have created hate against the President. Alan West of Florida, for example claims 79-81 members of congress are communist-hate and a lie.

    Dems have their own set of problem.

    If this campaign has demonstrated anything is that we need campaign reform. Of course, it is impossible because it would require the Do Nothing Congress to reform itself. The Supreme Court has failed our country over campaign funding by a 5-4 vote along party lines. Sad.

    Two Cents worth.
    Posted by Jeff Nelson

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