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Gov. Sarah Palin has breakfast and visits with...

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Absolute knowledge I really have none,

But a secret informant’s stenographer’s son

Overheard a policeman, while walking his beat,

Remark to a laborer crossing the street

That certain unspecified Portuguese Jews

Had wind of a sailor in Newport News,

Who had learned while abroad (from an undisclosed source)

That Sarah Palin’s a space alien riding a horse

The facts are unclear (to be candid and terse),

The rumors soon may be better or worse

By some predictable move to demean

The lamestream media is turning green

To settle the scam, or again maybe not,

That’s the sum of the latest reports that I’ve got.


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  1. Bill Wheeler says:

    Way Back in the 50s my grandfather taught me a poem which he sang in a Minstrel Show:

    Absolute knowledge i have none
    But my aunts brothers sisters son
    Met a Policemen on his beat
    said to a laborer in the street that
    he had received a letter just last week
    Written in the finest Greek
    From a Chinese coolie in Timbuktu
    Who said the Ni**ers in Cuba knew of a
    colored man in a texas town
    who got it straight from a circus clown that a
    Man from the klondike got the news from a gang of south american Jews
    That a man from Borneo heard from a man who claimed to know
    of a swell female societies rake
    whose mother-in-law will undertake to prove
    that her seventh husbands sisters niece
    has stated in a printed piece
    that she has a son who has a friend
    who knows when this war is going to end.

    The poem was authored during the first world war

    Ed you could at least have given credit to the bigots during the first world war or my grandfather LOL

    • EWRoss says:

      Thanks for posting the original version and letting me know its origin. I had no idea where it came from. I originally picked it up in much different form from a CIA analyst in the late 1980s. I’ve revised it and used it several times since, but now that I know its original origin and intent I doubt I’ll use it again.

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