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Once again Democrats and a few Republicans like John McCain and editorial writers at the Wall Street Journal, are dissing the Tea Party. The fight over raising the debt ceiling has led Democratic Party leaders in Congress and liberal pundits on TV to call Tea Partiers and members of Congress elected by them every name in the book. They’ve been called terrorists, extremists, and compared to Hezbollah. Senator McCain, never a favorite of the Tea Party, quoting an editorial in the Wall Street Journal compared them to Hobbits from the movie Lord of the Rings. 

Have Tea Party critics all forgotten what happened in the 2008 election? Tea Partiers went to the polls in droves and gave the Republicans a historical victory in the House of Representatives and in the states. They were motivated in large measure by the dismissive and demeaning attitudes Democrats displayed toward them and what they believed in.

Keep it up Democrats; keep disparaging a growing and important part of the American electorate. Let us know on November 4, 2012, how that worked out for you.


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