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After watching the live broadcast of the British Parliament’s committee hearings investigating this scandal, I am amazed at how devoid they are of the kind of political grandstanding we see when these kinds of hearings are held by committee’s of the U.S. Congress. If the time comes when Rupert and James Murdoch are called before a hearing in the U.S. Congress we can expect that Democrats in particular, who would love to discredit the Murdoch News Corp. empire, will behave with far less civility and interest in uncovering the facts. Can you imagine someone arrested and the subject of a criminal investigation like Rebekah Brooks coming before a committee of the U.S. congress and testifying so openly. If nothing else, the live broadcast of these hearings in the UK are immensely educational.


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  1. Charles W. Raymond III says:

    While watching C-Span concurrently with reading this post, I concur that civility is a good word to describe Parliament, even if protesters can smack witnesses with foam, while posturing and grandstanding are weak words to describe the antics of both Dems and Repubs in the US Congress.

  2. Jim Auer says:

    Ed, I heard a Labour MP said Wendi Deng had a nice left hook but I also read separately that she immediately became an internet sensation for her right hook. Can you clarify which is correct? (Sorry for the tease) Jim — actually I very much appreciate your comment.

    • Reposted from LinkedIn says:

      Jim, from what I could see on the video tape replay, Wendi used her right hand to smack the guy with the pie.

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