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WAITING FOR SARAH PALIN? Why She Will Run for President in 2012

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Media coverage of who’s in and who’s out of the race for the Republican nomination for president in 2012 has intensified with the withdrawal of Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump, and now Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. But despite a Gallup poll showing Sarah Palin as the principal person to gain from Huckabee’s decision not to run and not-so-subtle hints by the former Alaska governor that “. . . I do have the fire in my belly,” most Republican and Democratic pundits continue to believe she won’t run. I believe that she will run and here’s why.  (More)


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9 Responses

  1. Kslily says:

    I agree with you Ed. I think she will run. The more obama talks the better she looks.

  2. Bob Hoelle says:

    Ed, I know you have had faith in her chances since last summer, and I know you believe in her principles, but the liberals of Hollywood and the media are already salivating. Obama is helping her right now with the alienation of Israel, and in my opinion, Great Briton. Palin should not overexpose herself right now, and just let Obama continue to act like a closet Muslim that has finally come out.

  3. EWRoss says:

    Reposted from LinkedIn Group: The Political Coffeehouse

    I believe that Palin will run, for much the same reasons you stated. I think that she did a fantastic job in her job as governor of Alaska, and I think she would make a terriffic president. I hope she does run. I think she can give Barry Sotero a run for his money! I think she has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to Obama aka Sotero, and I think the media knows that and that is why they hate her. Heaven knows, we could do a lot worse, in fact, we HAVE done a lot worse!

    Posted by Elaine Urban

    • Bob Hoelle says:

      Not my first choice Ed, but if she runs I will vote for her. I would take a chance to stop the madness. Mid east foreign policy and defense issues are a major concern. I do think that she would surround herself with experts and hopefully allow them to excercise their fields of expertise. I think the irresponsible tax and spending would be curtailed, and we know where she stands on the forced health care package that was passed against the will of approximately 70% of polled Americans. Yes Ed, we certainly have done worse.

  4. Bill Jordan says:

    If she runs again, she’ll lose again. Perhaps if she’d taken Ted Steven’s senate seat and gained a little foreign and domestic policy traction she might have been more appealing to informed voters. Even though she’s probably the most electable candidate of a field of fragmented Republican candidates she can’t run with the ‘Papa Grizzlies’ because of credential/credibility/experience shortcomings. Like her style, but let her gain some experience and gravitas then put her in the fray.

  5. Bill589 says:

    When Sarah becomes president, I hope she can do an ‘Alaska’ on the corrupt parts of the Republican party. If so, I wonder if the papers will have a daily body count, as one (or more) of the Alaskan newspapers had after she became governor.

    I wonder because I believe there will be a short spike in unemployment, caused by a bunch less corrupt Republicans working in DC in January 2013.

    Socialist Democrats, aka the Obama administration, will be getting pink slips too.

    Sarah Palin 2012 “Fight like a girl.”

  6. Craig purcell says:

    Ed I think she will run to but is it is almost October. Time for an update.

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