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During his recent visit to Afghanistan, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told the troops it likely would be his last visit to the war zone as Secretary. Gates departure from Defense has been long anticipated and there has been much speculation on whom President Obama will appoint to replace him. At the moment, CIA Director Leon Panetta appears to be the leading candidate, but is Panetta the best person to lead Defense given current circumstances, and if not, who is? What kind of person should replace Gates?  (More)

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  1. Charles W. Raymond III says:

    Panetta may be the man, but (in my humble opinion) ONLY IF he has been able to bring some sort of control over the out of control CIA during his tenure. Otherwise, assuming he gets the SecDef job, it will be just another ignorant political hack getting paid off by the incumbent president.

  2. EWRoss says:

    Reposted from LinkedIn Group: Foreign Area Officers

    What Kind of Person Should Replace Robert Gates?
    Leon Panetta may be a solid choice. But he will have big shoes to fill. Secretary Gates has been a breath of fresh air in that he worked with both parties. President Obama can’t do much worse than Secretary Rumsfeld, who will most certainly go down as the most disastrous person to hold the office since 1947. That’s if you respect the opinion of General Shelton and Powell (to name only a few of the many who have come forward) There is no doubt how they feel about his toxic leadership and world famous arrogance. Although men with business experience may seem appealing, many forget that Secretary Forestall was sadly displayed many symptoms of severe depression and ultimately threw himself off a building. “Charlie” Wilson…just read Ridgway’s Biography. He may have been the second most arrogant Secretary of Defense. He was universally seen by the senior military as arriving in Washington trying to run the DoD like he did GM and failing. Nobody remembers the Pentomic Division? Within a few years the Army found itself in the jungles of Vietnam, already behind the power curve in lack of vertical lift and protected mobility. It’s a critical decision for our country, but one thing is certain. No matter who the Administration nominates, the Republicans will be obstructionists and offer little guidance other than…”no”.

    Posted by Bart Howard

  3. EWRoss says:

    Reposted From LinkedIn Group: U.S. Veteran

    What Kind of Person Should Replace Robert Gates?
    I would like to see someone that understands the intricacies of international diplomacy, a person well versed in military strategies & tactics and someone the understands the ‘tribal politics’ of the most troubled region in the world right now: North Africa, the Middle East and the India/Pakistan conflict over Kashmir.

    It also needs to be a person that clearly understands that as a country we can no longer be the policeman of the entire world and has a reluctance to send our fine young men and women into harms way at the drop of a hat. Lastly, it should be a person that will not send out troops into battle anywhere in the world without first having an exit strategy thought out before the shooting begins, lest we need every many, woman and child in this country to become global occupiers in every ‘hot spot in the world. And while were at it how about bringing home the troops from Japan, Korean, Germany and other places where we have many troops stationed, but I would wait until we had jobs for them back here before we shrank the size of our fighting forces.

    Posted by Howard Blum

  4. EWRoss says:

    Reposted from LinkedIn Group: US Army

    I believe the next Secretary of Defense, should be one that is extremely willing not to bend to the politicians and military industrial complex. He or she [yes I said she], should be capable of giving a true assessment of not only the current military needs [not just the wants] but also of what our military of the future may need.

    This person should also be a champion for our veterans and the needs/services that must be provided to them after their service. Said person will also have to know how to deftly navigate the international community, so that we aren’t sucked into wars that start out as commitments by allies only to end up being America’s problems.

    Posted by Antonio M Lewis, Sr.

  5. Bob Hoelle says:

    We need a person for Secretary of Defense that would appeal to our troops as well as the voting public. Asset management combined with military experience would be a big plus. Someone of solid character that that would be trusted by our allies and respected by our enemies. It will be tough for whoever is selected. The new Secretary of Defense will be the focus of a war weary America, a President that is determined to cut the defense budget, and a military that doesn’t appear to have an achievable mission with a definable ending. I hope it will be someone dedicated and outspoken enough to gain the confidence of the public towards the needs of our troops in the face of political pressure. Someone unlike McNamara that won’t have to make apologises three decades later.
    Ed, Didn’t McNamara also come from an Industrial background? (possibly Ford Motor Co.)

  6. EWRoss says:

    Reposted from LinkedIn Group: Conservative Networking

    A truthful, honest, respected, tax payer.

    Posted by Elaine Willingham

  7. EWRoss says:

    Reposted from LinkedIn Group: Department of Defense

    I highly doubt Director Leon Pannetta will fill the position. The CIO does not need additional changes at this point. I believe the position will be filled with Dr. Hamre and expect it to take place my end of May. Dr. Hamre is well know, worked in DoD previously and will be the perfect fit for making the required changes in DoD to adjust the budget reductions and effeciencies introduced by Sec Gates. I also expect Dr. Hamre will only fill the postion until the re-elections, at which time President Obama may make other changes.

    Posted by Mike Craner

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