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RONALD REAGAN: What You Saw is What You Got

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Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday Sunday provides an opportunity for people who respected and admired him to talk and write the President and his legacy. Some recall his great achievements—his role in ending the Cold War, Reganomics, and the revival of conservatism. Others reminisce about his acting and political careers before he became president. Others remember his storytelling, his boundless sense of optimism, and his deep and enduring love of America.

As someone who arrived in Washington, D.C., the year before President Reagan and who worked in the Department of Defense during his eight years in office, I remember a president who inspired and empowered the people that worked for him, didn’t require or create a bloated national-security bureaucracy, and who you didn’t have to analyze to understand. What you saw is what you got. (More)


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4 Responses

  1. Jim Murphy says:

    Ed….. Thanks so much for a very heartfelt column on wonderful American

  2. dan howard says:

    Outstanding column and it says what so many of us felt. We were proud of our country, proud of our president and proud of ourselves. Dan

  3. Bob Hoelle says:

    Now is not the time to compare Ronald Reagan with any other presidents of the modern era, because as far as I am concerned, there is no comparison.
    As an american citizen, I never felt prouder or more secure as when Ronald Reagan was our president.

    • Bob Hoelle says:


      I watched the video since my last comment and couldn’t help but notice how president Reagan was willing to open up the defense budget to the public. The comparisons of us to our adversaries was quite evident. The tax payer doesn’t see that kind of honesty and openness anymore.

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