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The mentally unbalanced and criminally insane are with us always. American politics is a rough and tumble arena with highly charged rhetoric. It always has been and always will be; and the politically unscrupulous will always seek to take advantage of events like the Oklahoma bombing or the Arizona shootings. What we must do at times like these, however, is focus not on politics but on the facts of the situation and what practical things we can learn from them. Can we protect members of Congress from this kind of attack? If we build walls between our representatives and senators and the people they represent, what effect will it have on our democracy? This is a time for cool heads, rational thought, and objective analysis. Our thoughts and prayers should be with the victims and their families. Our words and actions going forward should be those we would expect from a crime-scene investigator, not those we would expect from an ambulance chaser.


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  1. Bob Hoelle says:

    This horrible event in Arizona is just that, a horrible event. It should sicken and sadden every american. It should make us all take a new look at our families and friends with a renewed love and appreciation for each other.
    Unfortunately, the political finger pointing started almost before the victim’s were removed from the scene. This too is sad. It reminds me of the wonderful comming together and bipartisanship that took place immediatly after 9/11. That too ended as quickly as it began by finger pointing and blame.
    When I toggle back and forth between MSNBC and FOX TV, I get sick to my stomach. Precious beautiful citizens were slaughtered and wounded, and the talking heads seem only interested in blame and politics. As I toggle back and forth, it is like watching an evil ping pong game.
    Surely we can do better, and Debate without Hate.
    God Bless these inocent victims.

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