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Comeback kids in politics, as in sports or any other competitive endeavor, are those that truly surprise us. The more the media labels someone a comeback kid before the comeback, or a politician claims to be one, the more likely the characterization, win or lose, will turn out to be untrue. (More)

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  1. dan howard says:

    Sarah Palin doesn’t have to come back, she is already there scaring the living hell out of the Dems. I credit her with a great deal of the excitment among the conservative electorate that led to the recent turn-around in Congress. Republicans who don’t like her have read “Game Plan” and assume that she hasn’t learned a thing since the 2008 election. Dan

    • EWRoss says:

      Dan, I agree with you. I think she’s learned a lot since 2008. Look for her to start doing more foreign travel and speaking out more on policy issues. First she had to reestablish herself and the Ferraro model wasn’t they way to do it. Now she has to transition, if only temporarily, from celebrity/campaign mode to policy wonk mode.

  2. james l. noyes says:

    Ed. Excellent article. The sleeping tiger in the election is John Bolton. He is a strong, no nonsense person with a keen intellect and an excellent acadenic and national secutiry background. To me, he should be the Republican nominee. He would eat Obama alive in a debate. I like Sara, but she won’t be elected in a presidential election. Mitt Romney and the rest won’t either. We need John Bolton to turn this country around.


    • EWRoss says:

      I like Bolton, but he’s no politician. I don’t think he would last long before he said or did something that ruined his chances. Don’t sell Palin short. That woman has a lot of surprises left in her.

  3. Francis says:

    Obama-care should look something like the ability of persons with medical histories to have their records sent electronically and wirelessly to emergency personell in both ambulances and hospitals before the ambulance arrives on scene and while in route to a hospital. The registration mechanism should be a replacement of the old blood-pressure machines in grocery stores that would register the patient and be able to keep track of blood pressure readings and alert a primary care physician of any elevated readings, heart disease is a leading killer around here. This kiosk should also be available to order and re-order refills, have a button to consult a remote pharmacist or help-desk elsewhere staffed completely with military personell that require a remote working situation due to physical ailments. These individuals would connect over secure SIP connections to the kiosks. Once the system is in place, the scenario would be: Emergency personell arrive on scene to an unconscious patient, a digital fingerprint is scanned, the patient is found to be a diabetic, quick blood testing is done to diagnose, proper measures are taken and a life is saved. Another scenario would be an extension of a trauma center where cameras and microphones are wired into an ambulance where an actual physician standing in an Emergency Trauma Center is commanding EMT personell in the ambulance what do use in a now small arsenal of medicine on the ambulance itself, again stabilization and possibly another life saved. This is what Obama-care should look like. Its easily put together with infrastructure equipment, if you are going to run with it choose Motorola to produce the system. I’m not here for the money.

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