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U.S. LEVERS OF INFLUENCE IN EGYPT: Military Ties are Critical

Freedom flotilla Cairo protest

Image by Wild_atHeart via Flickr

Whatever the eventual outcomes of popular uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, and other Islamic countries in the region, historians likely will mark January 2011 as the month the political tectonic plates suddenly shifted in the Islamic world. Will they note also that it was when Islamic fundamentalism began wresting power from pro-Western, secular, albeit autocratic, governments; or will they record it as the indigenous birth of freedom and democracy? (More)


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Image representing Google Alerts as depicted i...

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Does Google have it out for Sarah Palin? Like many other people I use google alerts to notify me once a day about stories and blogs that I’m interested in. I have one for the Pentagon, one for Taiwan, and one for Sarah Palin, among others. After several months, however, I’ve noticed that the links I receive once a day on Palin are overwhelmingly negative. Now, we all know that there is a lot of negative stuff out there, there also is a lot of positive stuff as well. I see links to many positive articles and blog posts on Facebook and Twitter about Palin. Few of them, however, end up in a google alert. My “research” here certainly isn’t scientific because  I can’t produce a statistic. I delete the alert within a day or two after I’ve scanned the links and read the articles of interest. Anyone out there have a similar experience?

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WOMAN IN COMBAT: The Long-term Implications

The U.S. Armed Forces are on the verge of allowing women to serve in ground combat units beneath the brigade level. Women already are serving and dying (over 110 in Iraq and Afghanistan) in many hazardous military jobs. They serve as fighter, bomber and helicopters pilots; and they serve in ground combat-support units that put them in harm’s way. Why shouldn’t they serve in front-line combat units? (More)

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THE FUTURE OF U.S.-CHINA RELATIONS: The Kissinger Perspective

Henry Kissinger and Chairman Mao, with Zhou En...

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Henry Kissinger’s January 13, 2010, column, appearing in the Washington Post, “Avoiding a U.S.-China cold war,” lays out the former Secretary of State’s vision for the future of U.S.-China relations on the eve of Chinese President Hu Jin-Tao’s visit to the United States. In classic Kissinger style he offers a geo-strategic vision for how the world’s two dominant powers of the 21st century should get along. “The aim should be to create a tradition of respect and cooperation so that the successors of the leaders meeting now continue to see it in their interest to build an emerging world order as a joint enterprise.” A lofty goal, to be sure, but is building a new world order with China as a joint enterprise in America’s best interest?  (More)

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Sarah Palin: “America’s Enduring Strength” from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

This video of Sarah Palin’s statement in reaction to the Arizona shootings and the criticism of the right that ensued is worth watching by her supporters and critics alike. In it she speaks clearly and directly to the American people from the heart. This is the Palin we would see if she were elected president.

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Obamacare Chart

Image by Nevada Tumbleweed
via Flickr

On January 5,
Michele Bachmann
(R. MN) and Steve
(R. IA) introduced H.R. 141 to repeal Obamacare. A
vote on the bill, scheduled for this week, has been postponed
because of the shootings of Representative
Gabrielle Giffords
and others in Arizona. When it does
come up in the House, it will pass; but even if it also passed in
the Senate, the White House has said that President Obama will veto
it. The question then becomes, what can Republicans in Congress do
to thwart the implementation of Obamacare while they work to elect
a Republican president and a Republican Senate in 2012 so they can
repeal it in 2013? (More)

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The mentally unbalanced and criminally insane are with us always. American politics is a rough and tumble arena with highly charged rhetoric. It always has been and always will be; and the politically unscrupulous will always seek to take advantage of events like the Oklahoma bombing or the Arizona shootings. What we must do at times like these, however, is focus not on politics but on the facts of the situation and what practical things we can learn from them. Can we protect members of Congress from this kind of attack? If we build walls between our representatives and senators and the people they represent, what effect will it have on our democracy? This is a time for cool heads, rational thought, and objective analysis. Our thoughts and prayers should be with the victims and their families. Our words and actions going forward should be those we would expect from a crime-scene investigator, not those we would expect from an ambulance chaser.

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Republican campaign poster from 1896 attacking...

Image via Wikipedia

I’ve never cited the Huffington Post as a source of  good information in the past, but the article at the link below is a good analysis about what the early horse-race polls reveal about the potential GOP presidential candidates for 2012. All those polls that tell us Sarah Palin won’t do well are meaningless at this point. The article is worth reading, but becareful when you visit the Huffington Post that you don’t get caught in the progressive mind meld.


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Comeback kids in politics, as in sports or any other competitive endeavor, are those that truly surprise us. The more the media labels someone a comeback kid before the comeback, or a politician claims to be one, the more likely the characterization, win or lose, will turn out to be untrue. (More)

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