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POLITICAL JUNKIES BEWARE! There’s a Lot of Bad Stuff Out There

Wi-Fi hotspot @ Politics Online Conference

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Political junkies on the left and the right require their daily fix. No sooner do they awake each morning than they turn on their computers, iPads, and smartphones and inject their favorite political narcotic directly into their brain through their eyeballs. When their brains have absorbed all they can tolerate, they go about their daily routines, returning to their source throughout the day and evening for just enough dope to maintain their high. Immediately before and after elections, however, they are prone to overdose on the bad along with the good. Beware political junkies, there’s a lot of bad stuff out there!  (More)


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3 Responses

  1. Tom Rumsey says:

    So I pray, Please Lord give me guidance as I navigate these uncharted waters.

  2. Bob Hoelle says:

    I have noticed that the media, especially the newspapers, have tightned the noose significantly around the necks of conservatives making responses to their political articles and blogs. My local paper (The Hamilton Journal-News) tends to leave political articles with email resonses that are favorable to democrats or liberals in their paper for sometimes as long as two or three weeks. I have noticed that articles and blogs with resonses favoring the republican or conservative views sometimes disapear within twenty four hours. Perhaps MSNBC is their secret partner? Recently, in our county, most articles potraited John Boehner as a stooge, and his opponent Justin Coussoule was potrait as a political icon. Coussoule’s only platform was that he was a Westpoint Graduate/Lawyer. They tried to give the impression Coussoule would be the next Eisenhower or JFK.

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