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U.S. Transportation Security Agency (TSA) screeners literally have their hands full these days groping the flying public. Travelers that refuse screening by newly installed full-body “naked” scanners are subjected to invasive pat-downs that include touching children’s and adult’s genitals and women’s breasts. Is all this really necessary, or are there better ways to keep terrorists from blowing up airplanes? (More)



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  1. EWRoss says:

    Don’t touch my junk!


    This reaction by a young man to a TSA screener’s attempt to do an “intrusive” pat-down sums up America’s reaction to the new screening procedures a U.S. airports. Look for millions of T shirts with the phrase.

  2. EWRoss says:

    FOX News’ Shep Smith, who isn’t my favorite, journalist, makes an excellent point. Since 9/11 not one bomb or bomb part has been discovered by an airport security check point in the United States.

  3. Bob Hoelle says:


    Ordinarily I am against profiling of any kind. I have no problem making an exception with intense background and identification checks randomly, or on citizens and non citizens whose appearance meets certain criteria. I consider us to be currently in a war status. If terrorism had been taking place durring WWII, society would have supported the practice. I do not support body searches and pat-downs.

    • EWRoss says:


      What are they going to do after the next successful terrorist attack, ask us to go into a room, take off all our clothes, and bend over for the man with the rubble glove? There have to be some limits on what the government can do to our dignity. All the best.

  4. EWRoss says:


    The citizens’ revolt over full-body scans and intrusive pat-downs is growing quickly. The American people understand the need for airport security, but they don’t understand why they should be subjected to these degrading and humiliating procedures that invade their privacy. Like all revolts, however, if it is to be successful at changing the U.S. government’s policies on airport security; it needs to put forth an alternative strategy that people can rally around. That alterative is “focus on the terrorist, not the bomb.” That’s what the Israelis do and that’s what the Brits did with the Irish Republican Army when it wanted to hijack and blow up their airplanes.

    Focus on the terrorist, not the bomb means that TSA and private companies, at those airports where they still operate, must be able to use reasonable profiling techniques. Profiling doesn’t mean just subjecting Middle Eastern males to intrusive screening, it means using a variety of techniques and criteria for identifying terrorists. These proven techniques are well understood by law enforcement and intelligence agencies but we don’t use them the way we should for airport screening because of political correctness.

    The time has come for Americans to decide if they are willing to give up their freedom and dignity for political correctness or if they are going to demand that their government use common sense and do what works. If we don’t stop this madness now, what’s the next step? Will TSA screeners take us into private rooms, tell us to take our clothes off, and probe our body cavities with rubber-gloved hands? Are we willing to continue down the slippery slope toward becoming a police state just to avoid law suits and confrontation with political correctness advocates? Does the U.S. Constitution protect us from warrantless searches and seizures, unless you buy an airline ticket? This is a question we should be anxious for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide.

    Focus on the terrorist, not the bomb applies to passenger screening. It doesn’t apply to cargo screening where security procedures are woefully lacking. Most cargo that enters the U.S. in commercial passenger aircraft is not screened. Al-Qaeda has already shifted its focus away from suicide-bombers that attempt to board commercial aircraft to cargo bombs. We need to stop “fighting the last war” and begin fighting the current one efficiently and effectively.

    What can you do? Write your Senator and Representative. Tell them you want Congress to act to force the TSA to stop what doesn’t work and do what does.


  5. Jay Meyer says:

    Good points all, however, I believe you meant ‘peace’ of mind, not ‘piece’ of mind…

  6. Rick says:

    You all still miss the point, you do not have the right to complain. Either pay the price, get searched and fly. If your not into that drive your car, ride a bike, hike or go by horse back. I myself dont care to hear about your whinny rants about it.

  7. Eric Pearson says:

    I don’t understand how any man in this county can allow the TSA to literally hold them by their balls while taking nude pictures of their wife and children at the airports.

    In other words, if a man will not fight for the honor and dignity of his family, then he will not fight for anything. Hence, from the looks of things I’m becoming more convinced this once great nation is finished. That is, unless at some point we begin to fight like men, or should we allow ourselves to be fully enslaved?

    Source: http://www.washingtonpoliticsnews.com

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