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THE PERENNIAL CHINA-POLICY DEBATE: Conciliation vs. Carrots and Sticks

In this political cartoon, the United Kingdom,...

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Bill Gertz of the Washington Times in his October 20 “Inside the Ring” column reports on the current China-policy debate within the Obama administration. He identifies two opposing groups—the “kowtow” group, and the “sad and disappointed” group. Twenty-five years ago we called them the “convert-them-to-Christianity-and-democracy” group and the “let’s-just-outsmart-them” group. The U.S. players in the perennial China-policy debate change as administrations come and go, but the fundamental differences between two classic approaches to China remain the same. (More)


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2 Responses

  1. Ken McGhee says:

    very enlightening……thanks.

  2. Gapster says:

    We must stay militarily strong, diplomatically resolute and extend a hand of willingness to listen. But we must not appear weak and pliable, just willing to cooperate on those issues of common interest.


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