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AFTER THE ELECTION: Restoring the American Dream

Robert R. Livingston

Americans will wake up on November 3 to a changed political landscape. Republicans will celebrate. Democrats will recriminate. The underlying fear of America’s downfall that motivated voters to redistribute seats in the House and Senate, however, will remain. The question they asked themselves before the election will still beg an answer. Is America’s decline inevitable, or can we avert the disasters so many are predicting and restore the American Dream. (More)


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2 Responses

  1. K. D. Rowe says:


    Not exactly. Should my Republican party win a majority in either the House or Senate, they need to demonstrate the ability to lead. To date whether Republicans or Democrats in power, have forgone the voting public for personal agenda’s. Getting re-elected and maintaining the status quo of the good deal that they maintain in their positions. In all candor, they need to redirect to themselves to demonstrate this committment for making America better. Starting with term limits, if they are good enough for the POTUS, they are good enough for them. Next they need to reform their own retirement system. To get 100% of their salaries with inflation for the rest of their lives is unheard of and needs to stop. They could adopt the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) where Feds received 1% per year of service, with an 8 year term limit, the maximum retirement would be 8% of their high three years and they would pay into Social Security.

    On the subject of Social Security, Medicare, they need solved. To do so will take considerable effort, but the reality is benefits need reduced for those just entering the workforce and benefits need to be adjusted.

    This will demonstrate both leadership and creative ideas. Unlike the current Administration, they need to work across the aisle, these are American problems, not Republican or Democrats, one party doesn’t own all the good ideas.

    Then the Republicans will have demonstrated something to all Americans and can begin to address the unemployment, Tax code, immigration and foreign policy.

    Lets not see a repeat of past administrations, this administration is the model on how NOT to do things, not only for what they’ve done but how they’ve done it!

  2. Kslily says:

    Ed and K.D. Rowe,
    You are both right. Elected officials need to realize that the money they so freely spend is not theirs. It is heartbreaking to see how glibbly these elected officials spend it. There should be term limits, they should not be able to vote increases in their pay and they should not have different benefits than we the people have. It is an honor to serve the people not an opportunity to benefit yourself at your constituents expense.

    Hopefully November 2 will be the first step in the right direction.

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