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THE 2012 ELECTION: Handicapping Sarah Palin

Republicans will do very well in the November elections. They almost certainly will take control of the House. If this is a “wave” election, they could capture the Senate as well. Control of Congress, however, is only half the battle. If Republicans want to completely blunt the Obama agenda and set the country on a different course, they must win the White House in 2012. To do that, they need the right nominee; and, like her or not, the potential Republican presidential candidate talked about more than any other is Sarah Palin.  (More)


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2 Responses

  1. Bob Hoelle says:


    We have discussed Sarah Palin a lot in the past, and I still have major doubts about her becoming the next presidential candidate for the republician party. She has ambition and popularity going for her at this time, and her desire to restore America is noble and badly needed. Popularity in most cases has a very short lifespan in politics. She tends to be a favorite “whipping girl” of the media, as well as with the most vile of the liberals. We saw some of that in 08 durring her interview with Katie Couric.
    Republicians presented a novelty with the McCain/Palin ticket durring the last election and it failed badly. Republicans will vote for her, but the votes they badly need are from folks sitting on the fence, or the conversion votes.
    Foreign policy,defense,and our economy will always be a main issue with voters. The next republician candidate will have to convince the voters that they have a formable plan to restore our economy.
    I think republicians are going to do well in Nov., but what happens beyond that is what is important. We can’t afford to use the “four more years” tactic as Obama did. I think that voters are going to demand details that almost guarantees improvements in every neglected area of government, as opposed to a bunch of good public speaking.

  2. Jim says:

    Sarah Palin as president? seriously? if you could pick anyone less qualified than Dubya, it would be her. he was malicious from stupidity, she does it on purpose because she THINKS she knows better.

    like your own picture tag says, “Some people know everything, but that’s all they know”.

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