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THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

The Clash of Civilizations

In his 1998 book, “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the World Order,” political scientist Samuel P. Huntington wrote that “cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world.” Nine years after 9/11, Huntington’s thesis has become reality. The attacks on 9/11 and the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and with al-Qaeda that followed are part of a larger conflict with a growing segment of the Muslim world that adheres to cultural and religious identities that are antithetical to and threaten Western philosophy and values.  (More)


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7 Responses

  1. Men & Brethren, What shall we do?

    Karl-Michael Sala
    Former USAFR Intelligence Officer

  2. Rock says:

    Thanks, Ed, for your illuminative article on the clash of civilizations. I happen to agree with you and express a similar viewpoint, from a different perspective, in my next blog post, Clash of Cultures. I think you are right that there are larger issues than the Qur’an burning and building of the mosque.

  3. zale cook says:

    Column strongly resembles an attempt at appeasement

  4. Bob Hoelle says:

    Can muslim americans build the mosque so near ground zero under the protection of the constitution? Of course they can. The big question is WHY would they want to? Obama’s quick response to defend this right reminded me of his kneejerk reaction towards the police “acting stupidly” in the Louis Gates incident in 2009 before any of the facts were brought foward.
    The left has traditionally cried “church and state” and have gone to constitutional extremes to keep prayer out of schools, removal of the ten commandments from public buildings, and won’t tolorate a hint of religion in any administrative action. Nothing productive could possibly come from pastor Terry Jones conducting a legal Quran burning within the confines of his small congregation in Gainsville Fla.,but look at how quickly the President, top military commanders, and other politicians were willing to lay aside his “church and state” rights. I am sincerely glad that pastor Jones gave up the burning, and I only hope that common sense and decency will prevail in the decision to build the mosque.

  5. Keith D. Rowe says:


    Nicely said. However, what I found interesting, is that both the book burning and the mosque building are within the individual rights of both groups, but neither seems appropriate.

    The Jihadist don’t have the market cornered on mentally unstable individuals (See Dahmer, Timothy McVeigh, Manson), however when an act is perpetrated by a Muslim, it is portrayed as the individual act of some extremist segment and the Western world is to accept that.

    However, when one of our lunatics (see Pastor in Florida) comes up with a stupid thought, the peaceful Muslims leave the reservation and threaten the entire western civilization.

    With all due respect, If one religious group is seeking respect it begins with giving respect to other religious beliefs.

    Give and take and coexist.

  6. Kim Roberts says:

    I salute you for tackling such a difficult and controversial issue and for directing our attention, once again, to the religious and cultural factors in the heart of this conflict. I agree with your statement which says, “Our tendencies toward political correctness and oversimplification, however, have inhibited our ability to fully understand and appreciate the forces at work…” But then, aren’t our tendencies to behave that way derived from our unique culture?

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