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PLAYING THE BIGOTRY CARD: The Aces Have Become Jokers

You know who they are, those Democrats who routinely play the bigotry card—accusing Republicans and conservatives of bigotry when it’s not warranted. Certainly, not all Democrats play that game, but the Democratic Party’s anti-Republican, anti-conservative narrative has become so replete with the bigotry bogeyman, both implicit and explicit, that it taints the party as a whole. Two-thousand-ten, however, may well prove to be the nadir of this tactic—at least for a while.  (More)


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2 Responses

  1. ron says:

    i hope the whole countrys awake to this socialist crap we know it dont work. we left this kind of government 230 some odd years ago. i hope the polititians who were involved in this all end up in jail for this attempted overthrow of the u.s. gov. we must demand they do. we can not let this slip by and do nothing. its time to hold them responsable for their actions.

  2. EWRoss says:

    Here is a link to this article at DailyCaller.com where readers have posted numerous comments.


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