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Secretary Robert Gates wants to make sweeping budget cuts in overhead at the Department of Defense (DoD). For starters, he has proposed eliminating Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) in Norfolk, Virginia, a 10 percent cut in contractors, the reduction of at least 50 generals and admirals, and the elimination of 150 Senior Executive Service (SES) civilians. I applaud Gates for his initiative. Not only will it save money for the needed modernization of weapons and equipment necessary to maintain our military capabilities, but it will make DoD more efficient and effective. (More)

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  1. I also agree with the cuts Gates is making. But it only scratches the surface of the cuts that need to be made in the rest of the US Government. It’s time for Obama to step up and make major cuts throughout the rest of the federal government. How else are our children and grandchildren and thier grandchildren going to pay for what they have done since they’ve been in office.

  2. Keith D. Rowe says:

    SECDEF Gates went on the offensive, instead of having others tell him what he should be doing, he got out in front of them and is managing the cuts to better serve the Department.
    Now if only the POTUS and the Democratic leadership would take note and initiate similar action across the rest of government services.

  3. Scott S. says:

    The WaPo article “Top Secret America” shows how many GC’s are connected to all departments in our secret bureaucracies. No one in ‘flyover’ America was aware of the dozens of departments connected to hundreds of GCs overlording the gigantic bubble with employees making nearly average 6 figure salaries to keep our nation safe.

    Maybe that was the way it was supposed to be, maybe and more likely not. I welcome the changes that cracks the whip on ‘excessive’ scrutiny over ordinary US citizens, with a huge leaning in favor of scrutiny over our enemies, saving us billions over time, which would put defense at its highest and best use where it counts. There are too many of “The Watchers”-Shane Harris, not enough of the captures to justify billions of dollars. If we can’t secure our borders with what we already have, essentially leaving the back door open for terrorists coming into our country, no matter how much you spend, it could never be enough, and yes, now–it is also way too much because something/someone will always slip through the cracks.

    Thanks Ed and WaPo for the superb education on how much and little we knew here in ‘flyover’ America!


  4. Scott S. says:

    Here’s one article saying Gates cuts ‘good start’. http://bit.ly/aPadOK

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