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THE UNITED STATES AND VIETNAM: China’s Migraine Headache

The visit Sunday to the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, cruising off coast of Vietnam, by high-ranking Vietnamese military and government officials was not a big story in the United States. Teams of U.S. military personnel have been conducting MIA-remains-recovery operations in Vietnam for 20 years. U.S.-Vietnam relations have been steadily improving since 1995 when the two countries normalized diplomatic relations. The first U.S. warship visited Ho Chi Minh City in 2003. It was, however, big news in China, especially in the specialized news reports circulated among China’s ruling elite. (More)

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  1. CarlR says:

    Ed, good points made here regarding US and Chinese military relations. Thanks to Taiwan and possibly Vietnam and now most recently N.Korea we are in a bit of a limbo with China.

    The “new economy” in China has been very successful and now Vietnam wants to cash in offering all that China can. Does that mean we will see a Vietnamese car for the masses in America?

    Remember these three initials: BYD, the Chinese company that makes 65% of the world’s nickel-cadmium batteries and 30% of the world’s lithium-ion mobile phone batteries, has ambitious plans for hybrid and electric automobiles. They have even been reviewed by Consumer Reports http://onlocation.consumerreports.org/New-Car-Preview/2-Model.asp?ID=1101

    Today’s enemy tomorrow’s business partner. I can’t wait for the New “new economy” when we get our act together and get the US back to work.

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