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CLINTON VS PALIN IN 2012 – Stranger Things Have Happened

With Democrats headed for a man-made disaster in November and the Obama presidency increasingly looking like a quagmired domestic-contingency operation, speculation about Hillary Clinton running for president in 2012 is on the rise. We know Mrs. Clinton has a strong desire to be the president, but will she step down as secretary of state and challenge Barack Obama, the first African-American president and a fellow Democrat, and if she won her party’s nomination what are her prospects for winning the general election?  (More)


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4 Responses

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Obama has actually had a very effective presidency so far. Look at the major legislation that has passed: the stimulus, health care reform, finance reform… And he’s not even two years into his term. The Republicans are claiming failure and the mainstream media perpetuates that myth, but he’s actually not doing too bad. He could be doing more, but that’s Washington.

  2. CarlR says:

    I was saying the exact same thing to a friend the other day Hilary vs. Palin. I see much Obama buyer remorse and do not see him rectifying his situation. That would set the stage for Hilary still the best known Democrat available today. For Republicans I do not see anyone with enough forward motion or top of mind than Sarah Palin who seems to be a part of everyday news.

    Women will put the next woman in the White House. If we can elect Obama then for sure a woman is next. I just wonder what president would be next after a woman. Bobby Jindal? A liberal movie star? An ultra conservative (maybe Rush) I love America!

  3. Scott S. says:

    Wow. I have no idea what the voters are thinking. Even with polling, no one saw Obama coming. Clinton said she wouldn’t even run, just like Palin today–I wouldn’t bet a dime on either getting to the nomination. To surmise/guess who’s coming to the WH dinner next? Not me. I picked Romney last time and somehow got McCain, who allowed Obama to win-Hunh? Maybe my predictions are 4 years ahead of the curve? NOT! Obama’s group of socialist newbies, minorities, clowns who bring in the clowns, don’t bother they’re here–here to stay (yeah Ben, I know–and know how badly things will be for the next prez in 2013 with what Obama has passed=socialist legislation). Just depends on how badly little girl tea parties translate to big girl Tea Parties who make up the throw-the-bums-out and start-over-crowd (hmm, the girls almost always shooed the boys from the 1950-60’s tea parties too).

    The New Media (or should I say New World Ordered Media) has a lock on how to deconstruct all ‘people’ nominated (regardless their positions on issues), all things elected (regardless their policies F&D), where accusations of corruption, racism, or murder (real or imagined) is the new new artistry (e.g. Alex Jones), where the new media is most creative–including all pollsters, NYT, WAPO who resemble The National Enquirer more closely than the real thing). Or as the Bible says, [paraphrasing] Lest ALL nations be deceived by the ‘great’ minded merchant’s sorceries.

    I have no clue, but it seems I am not alone in my confusion. Afterall, elitist globalists have that affect on us proletariat, err ah, we the people.

  4. Bob Hoelle says:

    The prospect of a Clinton vs Palin ticket doesn’t interest me at all. One circus act is enough for me in one lifetime. If I had to pick from the above menu of republicans, I would have to go with Romney. My hope would be that he would spend 90% of his time renewing some responsible spending of our tax dollars, and let our expirienced military leaders properly defend us, not micro-manage them. I don’t consider myself an alarmist, but with the bailouts,the rush job getting the government healthcare packaged passed against the majority of polled americans,the shunning of our allies,and the continued irresponsible spending that continues,this administration has all the ingredients of a socialistic nation. Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have rewarded the preditory lenders. He faced a recession in the early eighties,didn’t panic, and let the economical downturn remedy itself, and it did. While we healed, he maintained responsible spending and a strong defense. I only hope we will have a republican like him surface before the next presidential election and stop the madness.

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