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DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGE – As Inevitable as Climate Change?

Democrats are in for a historic defeat in November. Republicans may recapture both the House and Senate. Barack Obama may even lose the 2012 election. But before Republicans, conservatives, and Tea Party supporters draw too much encouragement from these prospects they should read “Demographic Change and the Future of the Parties” by Ruy Teixeira. The paper, put out by the Center for American Progress, that’s the progressive think tank funded by George Soros and run by John Podesta, lays out Democrat’s current and future strategy, and it contains some sobering facts for Republicans. (More)


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5 Responses

  1. Kslily says:

    I think it boils down to leadership. I like Michael Steele but I don’t think he is the man for the head of the Repuclican party. I like Sarah Palin and she is very popular but we need someone like Ronald Reagan. The right person can make all the difference.

  2. swork2 says:

    One of your best articles, Ed. Keep up the good work.

  3. Scott S. says:

    Ruy guy tortures the heck out of statistics based on past performance, projecting it forward to future falsehoods. If Ruy guy is correct, we will see truly serious problems almost identical to the EU with its social/economic slackery leading to a centralized and socially engineered plan and unconstrained vision of a false sense of nanny state security. And no one is paying attention–we have been here before. FA Hayek in “The Road to Serfdom” lays out the entire picture on every level socialist in 1944 just after 3 failed attempts at socialist programming with the use of small ‘f’ fascism (transformative socialism), and ‘F’ Fascism with violence that extended through the cold war. Jonah Goldberg’s book “Liberal Fascism” pedantically lays out the entire history of liberal progressives and how they destroyed Europe and are at it again here in the USA. Mark Steyn in “America Alone” pulls apart the demographic statistics of Europe, US and the world to show where the current populous is trending towards, and its not leftist progressivism.

    While the Ruy guy is torturing stats to spin his web of lies in favor of the democrats, the enemy is walking right in the back door of our nation ready to install their sharia laws while we remain blindfolded to the jihadist threats published in every Amazon book listed under ‘Islam’–many for under $20 (read “The Grand Jihad”–McCarthy)! No excuse for not knowing where/who the enemy resides within and without now. Jail cells are full of the growing Hispanic illegal and violent trends, who sit right next to a jihadist pushing Islam’s finest terrorist techniques. The black liberation theologists and their thugs are already popping up like moles on TV using Alinsky scripts on Foxnews opening a bigger door for CAIR. George “Socialist” Soros is loving every minute of it, he is the puppet master of American destruction.

    And as for Obama, well, he slipped us a Mickey when we weren’t looking, slight of hand, smooth rhetoric eaten by newbies who voted straight up democratic ticket. “Fundamentally change America”, “Yes We Can”, catch all phrases babies would love, and they did. But babies grow up to be heroes. Babies grow up to want a family, house, responsible positions and the opportunities to go with it. Once they get those ‘things’, they don’t want to give it up. Even if they were told by the Utopian collegiate professors pumping ‘socialism is good'(Disney did it better), the American capitalist system–they will find out by experience that capitalism is a way better plan in America (Fundamentally changing America toward conservatism). They’ll dump those fascist ideologies full of envy because they now have a piece of the pie. They don’t want to change. They want the gravy train to keep going. So, how do you keep the train on the prosperous track? Tax cuts, keeping the money you earned under true freedom that built this country. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, all imported immigrants love America because they get to keep their property because they worked for it. Tell that to the socialist college grad just starting out. To them the whole system is unfair, they just don’t know that it is fair yet. Damn the demographics, polls, thinktankers, now get back to work America!

  4. Mark says:

    Democrats control government blah blah blah Democrats control academia blah blah blah Democrats the media (except for the multi-billion dollar Republican noise machine of Beck, Limbaugh, O’Reilly etc) blah blah blah

    It sounds like your vision of America is slipping away because either you’re terrible at what you do or, more likely, your insular, fear-mongering corporatism has cast a pall over the nation domestically and in foreign relations. If the Right could, it would change FDR’s famous quote to “We have nothing to sell but fear itself.”

    Your party is driven by a political philosophy of “conserving” the status-quo (Bush Tax cuts = OK, middle-class help = enabling losers), and spends its days lobbying for deregulation and glad-handing CEO fat cats who are their campaign cash cows, it’s easy to lose faith in your privileged vision of America. There is a direct link to the financial ruin this country faces, the careless lack of oil company regulation, and the housing market crash (oh, yes, programs were enabled, but they were not enabled to run wild and corrupt…the signature mark of unfettered corporate corruption).

    If you’re looking for the stock market to improve and the health of the economy to destabilize, look to history, these institutions and forces have always faired better under a Democratic president. So, it seems the best choice, at least for right now, is to start being of some help, or continue to stalemate every shred of hope–every policy–your commander-in-chief (I probably shouldn’t use that term–C-i-C, on your good-ol’ boys network as it sees to incite rage with ‘authentic’ Americans) works to initiate.

    But, I will defend your right to say these things, and I will add that if your party hopes to change course it will need to turn away from the clownery (my word) of the Republican noise machine (The Left is guilty of this with its own clowns too) and focus on the far more respectable leaders and thinkers on the Right who are deserving of a voice and of attention. When you can do that you will be in a stronger position to leverage your ideas and convince America to act upon them through electable legislatures.

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