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Things haven’t been going well for Democrats lately. President Obama’s poll numbers are tanking. They’re at risk of losing control of the House and Senate. Their policies are unpopular. And they’re so jittery that last week they threw an African-American Department of Agriculture employee, Shirley Sherrod, under the bus before they had all the facts because they’re afraid of Fox News. Some people say this is all Barack Obama’s fault. He’s too ideological, too inexperienced, and too self-centered, and he’s led the Democratic Party astray. I disagree. I think Democrats have just lost their groove. (More)


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CLINTON VS PALIN IN 2012 – Stranger Things Have Happened

With Democrats headed for a man-made disaster in November and the Obama presidency increasingly looking like a quagmired domestic-contingency operation, speculation about Hillary Clinton running for president in 2012 is on the rise. We know Mrs. Clinton has a strong desire to be the president, but will she step down as secretary of state and challenge Barack Obama, the first African-American president and a fellow Democrat, and if she won her party’s nomination what are her prospects for winning the general election?  (More)

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Comment on EWRoss.com’s June 19, 2012 poll: Which person is more likely to win the 2012 presidential election if they ran against each other, Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin?

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Sarah Palin

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DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGE – As Inevitable as Climate Change?

Democrats are in for a historic defeat in November. Republicans may recapture both the House and Senate. Barack Obama may even lose the 2012 election. But before Republicans, conservatives, and Tea Party supporters draw too much encouragement from these prospects they should read “Demographic Change and the Future of the Parties” by Ruy Teixeira. The paper, put out by the Center for American Progress, that’s the progressive think tank funded by George Soros and run by John Podesta, lays out Democrat’s current and future strategy, and it contains some sobering facts for Republicans. (More)

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Comment on EWRoss.com’s June 12 poll here: Will demographic change doom the Republican Party to minority status or can it make inroads into traditionally Democratic constituencies without abandoning conservative principles?

  • The Republican Party is demographically doomed
  • It can make inroads w/o abandoning conservative principles

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I’ve decided I don’t want the latest iPod 4 or an  iPad for Christmas, I just want an ICON A5 light sport aircraft. You can check out their website. http://www.iconaircraft.com/ All you need is $139,000 and patience to wait until around 2013 as they already have over 450 orders in the queue.

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NICE GUYS, LIES, AND RUSSIAN SPIES – A Little Indignation Please

“I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” said Captain Renault to Rick in Casablanca as a croupier hands him a pile of money. The police captain had the good sense to at least feign indignation when he found himself in an awkward situation involving illegal activity. Renault, of course, condoned the gambling by participating in it.

Obama administration spokesmen, on the other hand, weren’t the least bit indignant last week, feigned or otherwise, when the Justice Department announced, on the heels of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to the White House, that 11 people were accused of being Russian spies. Their reaction was just the opposite. They described the incident as “a mere bump in the road to better relations with America’s former Cold War foe.” (More)

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Comment below on EWRoss.com’s July 5 poll: Is the 11-person Russian spy ring uncovered after Medvedev’s visit to Washington no big deal or is it part of an elaborate, ongoing Russian espionage plot to penetrate the U.S. Government and seal U.S. secrets?

  • No big deal
  • An elaborate, ongoing espionage plot

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