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Comment here on EWRoss.com’s June 28 poll: Is the war in Afghanistan winnable or is it just another Vietnam?

  • Yes, it’s winnable
  • No, it’s another Vietnam

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  1. CarlR says:

    I think Afghanistan IS another Vietnam.

    I remember back in the late 80’s before all the trouble in Yugoslavia before it was only known as Serbia. I was with my wife in her home country and we are at her uncle’s house. There were no paved roads in this part of the former Yugoslavia and no power. I came walking up to her uncle who was up to his knees in mud so thick when he walked his steps made loud sucking noises he see’s me and in greeting says (mind you he did not speak English and I knew very little Serbian) he said out loud VIETNAM and laughed as he is trudging along in this deep knee high mud as if to mean Vietnam analogous to America being stuck in the muck so many years ago and I yell back to him in one word AFGHANISTAN..he laughed so hard caught the meaning right away as the Russians did a few years previously.

    Moral of this little story: Vietnam/Afghanistan same kind of war different times no lesson learned.

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