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U.S.-CHINA MILITARY INTERACTION – A Dysfunctional Relationship

China’s on-again-off-again approach to U.S-China military interaction and Beijing’s refusal to allow Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to visit China during his recent Asian trip reveals a dysfunctional military relationship that’s the result of much more than Beijing’s displeasure over U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. It reflects fundamentally different national strategic objectives and the changing locus of leverage that result from China’s growing power and influence relative to the U.S.  (More)


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6 Responses

  1. steve skelley says:

    Another fine column by Ed Ross! No only does he analyze clearly and with full grasp of the historical dimensions of Sino-American military relations, but he writes very well!

    My only quibble is with his use of the term, “Beijing”! That city will always be Peking to me, and I see no reason to rename just because that might be closer to how they pronounce it in their language.

    (Similarly, it’s weak to rename Bombay as “Mumbai.”)

    Where does it end? Should we rename every place to make foreigners happy? Let’s rename Germany as Deutschland & Egypt Massr because that’s what the people who live there call those places!

    We’re just getting stupider & stupider to please foreigners!

  2. Torkel Patterson says:

    Ed, spot on. The French and Israeli’s would live to expand their arms sales relationship with China and I suspect many US firms would as well. It’s double edged sword. Would it give us leverage or would it weaken it?

    • EWRoss says:

      Torkel, I’m not suggesting we should start selling them arms again, but we have to find something to give us leverage. Otherwise we’re the ardent suitor and they get to call most of the shots.

  3. Kevin Lanzit says:


    Great piece and great advice for all those who so ardently seek a relationship with the PLA.


  4. Keith D. Rowe says:


    Another fine column, keep up the great informative work!

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