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THE OIL SPILL IN THE GULF – Obama’s Leadership Crisis

President Obama’s critics have called him many things. Now, criticizing him for his reaction to the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, they’ve begun to call him “incompetent,” comparing him to Jimmy Carter. If that label sticks, the Obama presidency, like Jimmy Carter’s, is doomed. Even worse, if President Obama doesn’t act decisively and quickly to stem the tide of destruction, the oil spill will cause irreparable damage to millions of people’s lives and to the country. (More)

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7 Responses

  1. Kslily says:

    You are absolutely right. He does need an extremely competent person to handle this mess. But other than Gates – would he recognize one if he saw one?

  2. Torkel Patterson says:

    Ed, You hit this exactly right. I think your point about transitioning from election mode to governing mode took President Clinton’s team awhile to grasp as well. Hopefully this Administration will grasp it soon!

  3. It’s already too late, Ed. He’s just another Carter in waiting. I just hope he does as good as Carter when he leaves office after the 2012 election. At least then we could say he was good for something.

  4. Bob Hoelle says:

    I think that Obama,much like Carter, is finding out that winning the office is a lot easier than holding it. This oil tradgedy is not a political issue at this time, but it is certain to become one in its aftermath. I don’t know who the most qualified person/persons are to handle the cleanup, and compensation phase of this mess, but Obama needs to find them fast. No matter how this tradgedy shakes out, there is no doubt in my mind that the financial burden will fall on working americans,as it always does.

  5. Ed says:

    Comparisons with Jimmy Carter only go so far. Chicago and Plains, GA, are on different planets.

  6. Robin says:

    “Before it’s too late”…. WHAT?!?!? It already IS TOO LATE! Everything in the Gulf has been ruined! There should have already been a plan in place before the drilling began!!!

    It amazes me so many people believe there’s still a chance for this to get better. Wake up people, the Gulf is useless now. Please be sure to thank Obama for his quick responses to the matter.

  7. Keith D. Rowe says:


    Great article, BHO is way over his head and his ability to locate and deploy effective management of the Oil Spill is reflective of this administrations inability to hear Americans. What’s important to Americans isn’t important, BHO has an agenda and he and this administration are sticking to their script, despite what the majority of Americans think or want. This Administration has forgotten this is a representative democracy, but their reign will be very short lived as the revolution has begun and Nov 2010 will turn the tide!

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