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Approximately 3.4 million Americans, overwhelmingly men, served “in theater” during the Vietnam War. That includes Navy personnel serving on ships at sea and Air Force people who flew missions over Vietnam from bases in Thailand. Approximately 8.7 million people served in the U.S. Armed Forces during those years. Research, based on Veterans Administration claims and other documentation indicates that approximately 13 million Americans claim to have served “in theater” during the war.  Now we learn in the Monday, May 17 edition of the New York Times that Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who is running to replace Senator Chris Dodd has repeatedly falsified his service in Vietnam. You would think a politician would be smarter than that. Those kind of facts are easy to verify. Nevertheless, isn’t it odd that so many people claim service in a war that was so unpopular.

Candidate’s Words on Vietnam Service Differ From History

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10 Responses

  1. John says:

    I wonder how many people claimed to be World War II veterans who weren’t.

  2. Jimmy Dye says:

    If Mr.Blumenthal is a VFW member I would like to know how he qualified for membership.You must your DD214,& it must show an award of foreign service.If his does not show this the post where he is a member should revoke his membership,if they don’t National should.I also think those Vet’s that stood on that stage, & supported his lies (not misstatements)should exam.their motive.

  3. R. Wm. Lowenstein says:

    I preface this with I am not a democrat, Blumenthal has been no nonsense attorney general and a fiscal conservative. He has claimed that over his over his long career in government he has repeatedly stated that he is a Vietnam Era Marine Corps Reserve veteran who did not serve in country.

    The New York Times has its own track record and must want his opponent to be the democratic candidate for the senate seat in Connecticut for some leftist political reason.

  4. EWRoss says:

    What all of us have to keep in mind is the 58,000 names on the Vietnam Veterans Memoral wall. Certainly the people who attack Blumenthal for his statements have an agenda, but there is no excuse for what he did. If it was just once incident, then we should except the explanation that he misspoke. However, he made numerous statements and made no effort to correct press articles that said he was a Vietnam War veteran, most likely based on his own statements.

  5. Joseph Vasquez says:

    I think that as an attorney general he should be made an example of. There is no such thing as misspoken words. You were there or you were not. Those of us who served remember what war is like. 98% of boredom and 2% of pure terror. It’s a wonder that his parents did not speak up. I know the horror that my parents went through. I served with the 9th inf Div. MRF and my brother served with the 1St Air Cav.

  6. Bob Hoelle says:

    I served in the 9th Inf Div MRF and also in the 1st Air Cav Div in Vietnam, and I find anyone especially politicians who make false claims about their combat service to be the lowest of the low. If these false claims are used for any kind of political gains,preferential hiring, or membership in a Veterans organization, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Hasn’t enough scorn been imposed upon the brave veterans of the Vietnam war? By the way, if you can count, you will see we were always right and yes, we won.

  7. Cindy says:

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  8. Nezarka says:

    Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks🙂

  9. Neal Davis says:

    What is it about John Kerry that others do not see. Viet Nam Vet my butt.

  10. Steven A Wilson says:

    I think that all that misrepresents them selves as vets and serving in any government office, be publicly impeached, and their right to vote be taken away and be treated a a felon and punished

    Proud Viet Nam Vet 1969.70,71
    101st Abn Div Camp Eagle ( Hue/PhuBai)
    5th Trans Bn ( Flyingred5)

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